For dubheads attentive to the “stepper” dub scene, the name of French producer KANKA is now familiar…but it’s with another project he’s coming back to shake the ground : ALEK6.

ALEK6 makes us travel into a more introspective and clinical territory than his usual productions and propose another read of dub music : the tempo’s slow down and electro texturing is significant. But bass-lines remain seriously huge and the result is an infectious dubstep-reggae hybrid entitled “INSIDE“. Alongside the 10 tracks, dub weighted bass is roaring while choppy beats create a metallic ambiance and “INSIDE” is a shining example of the collision between hightech dubstep and rootsy dub. To be noticed, 2 tracks highly made for making the walls rattle : “Station” in a steppa style, and “Home“, a drum’n'bass digression. ALEK6 : the new name of dubstep !