Bangarang / ALPHA & OMEGA meet BANGARANG ‘Show me a purpose version’

  • Alpha & Omega (Featuring Nishka) Show me a purpose #1
  • Alpha & Omega See yourself in dub #2
  • #3
  • Brain Damage Hurtful dub #4
  • Vibronics Mirror dub #5
  • Alien ApplauseS.M.A.P. #6
  • The Technician Zion¹s purpose #7
  • Alpha & Omega There must be a dub #8
  • Another Sound System Experience Dub of purpose #9
  • Jah Warrior Big shot dub #10
  • Alpha & Omega Purposeful dub #11
  • Kobe Going around dub #12
  • Graciasfidel #13

There is no need to present ALPHA & OMEGA, one of the leaders of the UK new roots scene for fifteen years. Their albums and dubplates are countless and are played in Sound Systems worldwide by international dub addicts.
However this project, co-produced with the french dub collective named BANGARANG (Brain Damage in St Etienne…) and released by french label HAMMERBASS Records will be remembered for a long time.

Here’s the concept, based on the idea of exchange and remix-work :
a selection of various artists were given to remix the same basic material, the voice-track of the singer Nishka from the ALPHA & OMEGA‘s song “Show me a purpose“, issued initialy on their album “Safe in the Ark“. We find here bands or producers as JAH WARRIOR (UK), VIBRONICS (UK), BRAIN DAMAGE (FR), ALIEN APPLAUSE (USA), KOBE (FR)…
At last the masters themselves, ALPHA & OMEGA, deliver four tracks of variations of their original creation, among which 3 were unreleased.