Brain Damage / Always Greener

  • Doom's Day Machine #1
  • Spirit World #2
  • Pre-war Psychosis #3
  • On The Other Side #4
  • A Little Walk To Nowhere #5
  • Just Suddenly Peaceful #6
  • Genetic Weapon #7
  • Just Suddenly Painful #8
  • Les Petits Yeux Metalliques #9
  • Vanishing Point #10

Elsewhere, grass is supposed to be greener…according to
Brain Damage.

While breaking with the jamaïcan pattern, this first album “made in France”, refers in every details to the great founders -Lee Perry, King Tubby- and present activists -Dub Syndicate, Rhythm and Sound- of this musical style.

The studio, the 7/11 Laboratory, is here used as a real instrument. The stereo & three-dimensional effects, from the classical space echoes and eurotunnel-like reverbs to cracking sounds, electronic interferences and exogeneous samples straight from Babylon, take the listener into a musical landscape.

Likewise its previous collaborations with the dub international -Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, Spectre, Lab°- Brain Damage recorded two tracks at Conscious Sounds Studio, London, with the vocalist Tena Stelin : The melancoly of “Spirit World” reminds us the Massive Attack/Horace Andy encounter, while the mood is more obviously political with “Genetic Weapon”. Two songs with lyrics amid these ten tracks where emotional atmospheres and ambiences change according to the listener’s mood.

” Always Greener (on the other side)” is a manifesto for music considered as a movie for the ear .