Junior Cony – The End – New album !

Deux albums plus tard (”Peace Monger” en 2006, puis ”The Meaning Of Life” en 2009 en auto-production), JUNIOR CONY rejoint le label HAMMERBASS et revient donc avec un 5è opus intitulé “THE END”.

12 titres inédits qui donnent à nouveau la mesure de son talent et de son savoir faire. Avec 9 morceaux chantés et 3 versions dub, la voix fluide et haut perchée de SHANTI D est omniprésente et nous entraîne vers des sphères hypnotiques, le tout servi par un mix puissant et dynamique.

Easy Money feat SHANTI-D

Turn Up THe Amplifier

Fort de ces expériences, ACKBOO multiplie les rencontres et les collaborations et passe la vitesse supérieure en 2013 avec la production sur HAMMERBASS Records de son 1er album : “TURN UP THE AMPLIFIER” ! Au programme : basses pachydermiques, effets dévastateurs, rythmique implacable et voix originales. 14 titres puissants aux featurings prestigieux : OMAR PERRY, MACKY BANTON (Mc de Jah Tubbys et Iration Steppas – en exclu mondiale sur l’album d’ACKBOO !!), KING GENERAL, MATIC HORNS (tromboniste de Sly & Robbie, Horace Andy, etc.), ZION I, … Inclus le remix dubstep du titre “Bangladesh dub” par ODG.
Dans le sillage d’IMPROVISATORS DUB ou KANKA, ACKBOO poursuit la dub mission avec ferveur pour le plus grand plaisir des “dubheads” du Monde entier !

A l’occasion de la sortie de “TURN UP THE AMPLIFIER”, ACKBOO vous convie à deux “Release Party” avec de prestigieux invités le 05 Avril à TOULOUSE au BIKINI, et le 13 Avril à PARIS au PETIT BAIN et en tournée dans toute la France.
Turn it up !


Worthy representative of an international dub scene which is constantly changing, ACKBOO is a young French producer who has already built a solid reputation.

Proponent of a powerful electro-dub rhythm. In 2009, he released his first vinyl single on the UK label Roots Youths entitled « Bangladesh dub ». This is a huge success that will not go unnoticed by dubheads and radios around the world. Later ensue many live shows across Europe, especially during major reggae-dub events such as the Rototom Festival in Spain or the Outlook festival in Croatia.

With these experiences, ACKBOO multiplies meetings and collaborations allowing him to level up in 2013 with the production of his debut album TURN UP THE AMPLIFIER on HAMMERBASS Records.

Here’s the program: heavyweight basslines, devastating, relentless rhythmic and original voices. In the wake of IMPROVISATORS DUB or KANKA, ACKBOO continues his dub mission with fervor for the greatest pleasure of « dubheads » all around the world!

Twilight circus dub soundsystem

Composer, DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, ex-member of the off-its-trolley-band Legendary Pink Dots, the Canadian Ryan Moore is the man of TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYSTEM.
With already 14 albums on his side (the first was released in 95), many EP taken from Cds, and 3 album in collaboration with GROOVE CORPORATION, DJ SPOOKY and ROB SMITH, the TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYTEM became over the year one of the most prolific actors and his work cannot be overlooked !

Dub addict sinc he was a teenager, he builds his first studio in Canada in the mid 80′s before he moves to Netherlands in 91 where he will rebuild his studio and found his own record label : M.Records.

With more than 100 gigs worldwide and many memorable nights with DUB ACTION, Twilight Circus Dub SoundSystem will be back in France for a gig in Paris for the Telerama Dub Festival.

Rasboras .inc

Members of TREPONAM PAL / ELEPHANT SYSTEM and ‘scientist’ of the DUB ACTION Sound System, Didier B. aka RASBORAS is an non-standard artist whose rare productions are always expected impatiently.

After the remarquable release of his 1st EP ‘Peace and Freedom‘ in 98 on Hammerbass Rec, he remixed in 2000 the compilation ‘Dub Action captures Hammerbass‘ for the label and worked on many remixes for other artist.

As confident in dub than in rock, electro or world music, RASBORAS remixed NOIR DESIR (“One trip One noise” / 98 ), TREPONEM PAL (“Panorama” / 98 ), THE ROOTSMAN (2000 et 2001), BRAIN DAMAGE (2000 et 2003), DUB WISER (2003) and recently SERGENT GARCIA (“Long Time scientific dub mix”) along Asian Dub Foundation.

He also remixed the double compilation ‘I DUB YOU !‘ released in 2004 (EMI).

Inspirations :

Sala ed-Din, Mohammed Ali, Geronimo, LKJ, Emiliano Zapata, John Lennon, Bellemou Massaoud, Rosa Luxemburg, Cyrus Le Grand, James Brown, Bob M., Serge Gainsbourg, Abd el Kader, Menelik 1er, Cheb Hasni, Masinissa, Lounes Matoub, Flora Tristan, Oum Keltoum, U-Roy, King Tubby, Robespierre, Aung San Su Kyi, Toussaint Louverture, Nass el Ghiwane, Wovoka, Jimi Hendrix, Abdelli, Curtis Mayfield, Mohandas Karamshand Gandhi, Gladiators, All the People There, Everywhere and maybe You as well…

Nucleus roots

Nucleus Roots formed in 1995 from the ashes of legendary Manchester punky/reggae outfit Community Charge . With a few line up shuffles along the way the band have now developed a cohesive, creative unit. Recent years have seen extended periods touring the continent and building an enthusiastic following with many sell out shows in France, Holland and Belgium, along with stunning UK festival performances. The bands four previous releases, ‘Nucleus Roots’ from 2000, ‘Nucleus Roots in Dub’, 2001 , ‘Universal Love’ 2002 and ‘At the Heart of the Matter‘ 2004 were very well received and made them a regular feature on all respected sound systems as well as achieving Independent chart positions in France and Belgium. The new album is accompanied by a storming 10 inch, released by popular demand. This features Simon Dan singing ‘Jah Rule’ and ‘Let there be light’ by Moses.

Recent summers have seen Nucleus raising a storm at clubs and festivals across the continent, highlights involved supporting Lee Perry in Bergen, Norway, the prestigious Ostroda Reggae festival, Poland and the huge Dour festival in Belgium.

Nucleus Roots have a massive stage presence, with a mix of real instruments, heavyweight digital sound system vibe and a positive message. Current live shows feature the vocal talents of the heartical Moses, versatile DJ Country Culture and the mystical Daniel Ray, preaching tolerance peace and harmony to all who are prepared to listen. 2006 will also see guest appearances from Ossie Gad of the legendary Naturalites. With the solid backing of P Lush’s subterranean bass lines and the bubbling keyboards of Peter Technical they produce a contagiously danceable, uplifting roots sound.

Feelings run high when Nucleus take the stage so be prepared for a live performance that will take you through the full gamut of emotions.

Nucleus Roots really are at the heart of Dub!


One of the main protagonists of the French dub scene since the end of the 90′s, MINIMANaka Roland Rougé already has 2 albums to his credit and appears on several compilations (I DUB YOU !, ALTERNATIVE NOVO DUB 1 et 2…).

The 1st one, ‘En marche pour Sion‘ 2001 was unanimously acclaimed by specialized media. Eversince this album was released, MINIMAN is constantly on the French road and played in many festivals (TRANSMUSICALES in Rennes in 2002, NORDIK IMPACT in 2003, TELERAMA DUB FESTIVAL, JAMAICAN SUNRISE and MILLESIME festival in 2004, FESTOLERON in 2005…) and supported the ZION TRAIN 2003 French tour.

After his side project named SEVEN SEALS released in 2005 (elaborated with a guitar player), MINIMAN is back with a brand new album : ‘Opus in Dub Minor‘ and a new record label : HAMMERBASS Records !

Still deeply ‘roots-influenced’(King Tubby, Sir Coxsone, Jah Warrior, Dub Syndicate…), MINIMAN delivers a massive dub, enlarging his borders towards trip-hop, breakbeat, industrial, or transe. A sophisticated sound made of samples, melodica, cinematographic atmosphere sometimes taken from original soundtracks.

With ‘Opus in Dub Minor‘ the talents of MINIMAN as an arranger are no more to be proven. Add the melodic inventiveness of his compositions (he trained as a pianist) and you’ll have one of the major 2006 dub album.

MINIMAN will support EASY STALL ALL STARS [U.S] in march 2006.


Three musicians from the London scene met and created ERB : Alon Adiri, Ghetto Priest and Louis Beckett. After several collaborations they began friends and decide to form a band which would be a point of convergence for their several influences (reggae, dub and electronic music).

Alon Adiri is a memeber of Dub Syndicate (On-U Sound).He worked as a composer with artists such as Primal Scream, The Cure or Bim ShermanGhetto Priest, ERB‘s singer, is On-U Sound‘s best brick and a personal friend of Adrian Sherwood.
Louis Beckett is member of the Asian Dub Foundation collective (engineer and mix). He worked in France with NTM and Raggasonic and in UK with Lee Perry, Hugh Masakela and African Head Charge.

The eponym album ERB sticks to this family spirit. Friends or old collaborators participated : tracks are featuring Bim Sherman, MC Navigator (ADF, Freestylers), Little Roy and Aurora Dawn (Nightmare on Wax).

Dub wiser

DUB WISER was formed by Rico. ÛÛ and Luz after several musical experiences : Rico thru reggae bands as I’n'I and SKHAN and Luz thru the first French dub band, in the late 80′s, called AUSWEIS. This band included the french reggae / ragga singer PUPPA LESLIE.

They released their first maxi vinyl on HAMMERBASS records in june 2000 including 2 remixes by Alon Adiri (ERB, DUB SYNDICATE) : « Sensi drinka » (BASS004).

The « Sensi drinka » tracks were also featured on the FRENCH DUB CONNECTION 2 compilation (ECHO BEACH, Germany) also including titles by LAB°, HIGHTONE, IMPROVISATORS DUB and on the DIGITALIK PARK 1 (label Daydream, France) with some other dub & electro French bands : HIGHTONE, WIDE OPEN CAGE, 2 BALDHEADS…

Their first album titled « A New Millenium of Dub », as a tribute to ASWAD’s « A New Chapter of Dub », invits us for a journey thru urban & multi-cultured landscapes where crossover is the rule : dub, reggae, jungle, electronic, traditional & industrial sounds are all together creating the New Millenium Dub…

They developed their live performance playing with different artists such as ADRIAN SHERWOOD (U.K.), THE ROOTSMAN (U.K.), ELEPHANT SYSTEM (F), DJINS (F), THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (USA), DREADZONE (SZIGET Festival 2002 / Budapest), L.K.J (Festival 2002 / Lausanne), TWILIGHT CIRCUS, LÖBE RADIANT SYSTEM…

After their remix album named : “Chapter II – Tribute to remixes” released in 2003 (featuring : BRAIN DAMAGE, RASBORAS, COLLAPSE, DITHER, ELEPHANT SYSTEM, DUB SYNDICATE Alon Adiri, GENERAL DUB and WIDE OPEN CAGE…)
…the new album “Behind the dub side” is now released since october 2005 on HAMMERBASS RECORDS.



After the striking release of two 1st cds ‘From Scratch‘ and ‘Bipolar Disorder‘ by Another Sound System Experience and Brain Damage, the collective BANGARANG is back with a remix album ‘Combat Dub‘.
Here we are with ten tracks, individually revised by a selection of top quality remixers of the Dub scene.

Thus some of the creators of the UK ‘new roots’ of those last years (Zion Train, The Disciples, Alpha & Omega) run along the must of the ‘Dub-illbient’ made in Brooklyn (Spectre, The Count of Monte Christo).

The young emerging French DUb scene had to be represented by the most innovative artists (Lab°, General Dub, Kobe, Prime Time Victim Show, Djins).

Also on this album 2 previously unreleased tracks of Brain Damage and Another Sound System Experience, freshly coming from the 7/11 Laboratory.

With a firmly eclectic constitution, ‘Combat Dub‘ seems to assume an homogeneous feature though, thanks to a certain spirit shared by all of them :
Independance and Artistic quality.

Baby G

Talent and simplicity. These two words are enough to define Baby G’s personality. Talent because he is full of it, because his voice is out of the ordinary, recognizable among all. And simplicity : of his person, his lyrics, which send back to the real values of reggae : rebellion,contesting of social and racial disparities, peace and unity between the masses.

Born in the countryside in the city of Shelchers (in the French Carribean island of Martinique), he began singing at the age of 10 in the choir of his Tivoli parish. In the same time, a vocation and voice were born. Teenager he scored the whole sound systems of the island and began to gain a certain reputation. He then recorded a song for a compilation entitled « Dance Hall Party » produced by « Don Miguel » famous figure of the reggae scene in the Carribean islands ; and a single « Children of Africa » on the Hibiscus label.
In 1995, his apprenticeship completed, he went to Jamaica, the great neighboor island, cradle of reggae and of the rasta ideal.
Barely turned up, he rush to « Mixing lab » and met « Fatta Linford Marshall » who then mixed his first album « Hileaf » produced by the carribean crew Hileaf. The Jamaican adventure ended in an artistic disappointment due to his lack of experience in studio and to his excessive fascination for Jamdown.
Whatever, with this experience he went to France and frequented the parisian Sound Systems where he met « Philip & Yao », duet of the « Djins » & « Paris Yard », and the HAMMERBASS / Dub Action crew. They then decided to work together on the realization of an album. He also appeared on the Elephant System album (Island) produced by Adrian Sherwood,
participated to the compilations « Plus de cœur égal soleil » (Barclay) of PK Machine, PierPolJak’s possee, « Assassinat » and « Genesis » of the label Mek it Happen, and recorded for the volume 1 of the « Kaktus records » compilation (Naïve).
Enriched with these various experiences and with dozens of shows with the « Dub Action » Sound System, he just completed his first real album :« h.i.m. ».

The rootsman

John Bolloten aka THE ROOTSMAN is one of the English electro-dub wave leaders along with Manasseh, Alpha & Omega, Zion Train or Dreadzone.
He first underwent basic training by selecting titles in roots-reggae sound systems and by being guest for pirate radio stations.
A few years later, he then organized his own party called ‘Dub me crazy’, which quickly acted as a reference. At this time he began to play along with artists such as Alex Paterson (The Orb) or Andy Weatherall (Sabres Of Paradise). While beginning creating his own bits, THE ROOTSMAN decided to create his own label and studio, THIRD EYE, and released the first DAYJAH & The DISCIPLES in 1993 before releasing several albums (among which featured the mythical ‘IN DUB WE TRUST’ in 1996).

His distinguished and crossbreeded music is a combination of several musical and cultural influences arising from Jamaica to the Middle-Eastthrough the North of England where he grew up.

With now more than ten albums released, THE ROOTSMAN has multiplied collaborations, and has remixed artists as varied as DUB SYNDICATE, BLACK STAR LINER, MUSLIMGAUZE (rip), TREPONEM PAL, DUB WAR, RASBORAS or SOULFLY.

The meeting with the french crew HAMMERBASS / DUB ACTION occured in 1997 in Paris on the occasion of a noteworthy party. Then was released at the end of the EP vynil ‘A matter Of Time’ (BASS001 – Out of stock!) – which framed the founder element of the HAMMERBASS label. The collaboration spread out with the releases of the album ‘REALMS OF THE UNSEEN’ in 1999 (BASSCD001), of the ‘split album’ with Jamaican toaster DADDY FREDDY in 2000 (BASSCD002) and the remixes album ‘ROOTS BLOODY ROOTSMAN’ (BASSCD007) in 2001.


Primitive is a duet formed by Marco and Amadou.
Marco‘s the singer / agitator of TREPONEM PAL which, since 1986, blows away every single “Rock” fences : after having delivered the world its metal-indus fury, the band covers the tracks by blending hard core, ragge, dub, funk…
He’s also one of the 2 DJ’s of the collective DUB ACTION.

Amadou‘s is the singer of COLLAPSE, a rock band with industrial, metal, electronic and ethnical influences. He also produced albums for the Têtines Noires, Colm and Cape Fear.

The 2 musiciens knwo each other quite well and from their collaboration will come a heavy urban dub, boiling hot & freezing cold, intense and raw.

Heavy because the beat is destructive and the bass ultra-powerful.

Dub because the influence of reggae remains and the sound of the equipment is unique.


MANASSEH SOUND SYSTEM first played out at Notting Hill Carnival 1985 .Although this was the beginning of a Sound System , it was also the culmination of a good few years of planning and hoping . The speakers were all hand made and the amps and pre-amp were custom built by the veteran builder ‘Jah Tubbys’. Right from the start the sound has specialized in Roots Reggae Music . Although we play all types of reggae and always have done , the roots is where we’re coming from and is the reason why we started the sound . The original crew consisted of Nick as the Selector and Operator , Eddie as the box designer / Tek and Billy T as the overseer and voice of reason . Based in West London , Sheperds Bush , it wasn’t long before we were playing all kinds of parties and blues around the place.
It was when we hooked up with Femi (later with the Young Disciples) and the brothers Joey and Norman Jay that we started to provide reggae music at some big warehouse parties in the late 80s . Apart from playing at some great nights and finally making a bit of money , this association had one big consequence : Joey and Norman got us a late night show on the pirate station Kiss FM .

MANASSEH ON KISS FM began in February 1987 after Nick and Jeremy Armstrong returned from a trip to Jamaica loaded up with rare oldies , brand new music and some dubplates from King Tubbys . The new show ran from 3am to 7am or whenever somebody else turned up ! Along with Joey Jay’s Sunday evening show these were the first hardcore roots shows on the radio and their popularity revolutionized Manasseh as a sound system . Manasseh was now playing to the people who wanted to hear and we started to do some big roots dances . In 1988 we clashed with the mighty Jah Shaka which was a big dance and a memorable night in Hackney (some people say we had him , I think he played better than I have ever heard him play) . We also played three dances with Jah Warrior (won the first two , last one debatable!) , sessions with Coxsone , Observer , Jah Tubbys , Fatman , again with Shaka (where he dropped us with two tracks from our first album) and even Soul 2 Soul inna dubwise style ; and more recently Aba Shanti amongst others .
Kiss FM finally went legal and on air in September 1990 and until early 99 we did the late Saturday night 3 till 6 slot . With various changes of personnel the final Manasseh Djs on Kiss in 1999 were Nick Manasseh , Eddie Rocksteady , Oxman and Jeremy Equalizer . Our and Joey Jay’s shows helped to create the climate for todays Roots Scene with new artists like Luciano , Sizzla and (the late great) Garnet Silk becoming massively popular ; as well as huge interest being generated in revival roots music , there now being an important re-issue 45 industry based in Jamaica and several labels in the UK re-issueing hard to get LPs and compilations (Blood & Fire , Pressure Sounds etc) . We hear of Manasseh radio tapes from all over the world and know of vast collections going back years ; it’s quite common to meet somebody of 25 who has listened to the show since they were 13 or 14 !

MANASSEH PRODUCTION . Nick Manasseh began producing music for sound system exclusives around 1986 and after hooking up with Scruff Guilder in 1987 started to concentrate on a particular project which eventually became Sound Iration in Dub . The first single “Seventh Seal” was cut on the 8/8/88 and was big on the roots scene , widely credited with being the first new wave UK dub track . The album was released in March 1989 on W.A.U. Mr. Modorecords , a label which was the brainchild of Alex Patterson (The Orb) and Youth (Killing Joke) . The album sold well and the label went on to release some other notable roots/dub albums produced by Scruff and Nick such as Tena Stelin’s first LP “Wicked Invention” ( a vocal set to S.I. in Dub ) ; Lidj Incorporated :Black Liberation and the Dub album to it as well as various singles .

In the early 90s Nick along with Gil Cang , Eddie Rocksteady and Mak Gilchrist started Riz Label . The first releases were Orville Smith’s Leaving Rome , Bob Skeng’s Education and Earl 16’s Natural Roots . 16’s track went very well and the label quickly established itself as one of the leading UK roots labels . Other big things on Riz were Admiral Tibet “Permission” , Marcella French “Be Still” (on a funky vibe) and Manasseh meets the Equalizer “Soul Jah” from the album Dub The Millennium . Riz is still occasionally active , more recently releasing 45s with Johnny Osbourne (Rise Up) and Devon Russell (Underground) , although the momentum and vibe were dampened due to unrelated personal issues (divorce!).
When Riz released the Manasseh meets the Equalizer LP on vinyl a lot of interest was generated and the album was soon licensed to Acid Jazz records who were getting into putting out some roots music and tuned into the slightly jazzy flavour of the record . This began a period of major label interest in Manasseh productions with Columbia/Sony releasing Danny Red’s album “Riddimwise” in 1994 (co-produced with Pepe Acunzo and Martin Madhatter) . B.M.Gbecame involved when Nick met up with the Stereo Mcs and their manager Kieth Cooper to sign a deal for a more leftfield dub record for their new label Natural Response which was in itself signed to B.M.G .This project became “Spectre : The Missing Two Weeks” and was recorded solo by Nick withJames Style as the vibemaster and overseer . Recently re-issued by Echo Beach records , this is one of the faves ! Another album for Acid Jazz came out in late 96 called “Shining” and although a great piece of work it suffered a lot from the problems which troubled that label and led to its demise . Both the Manasseh meets the Equalizer LPs were released in America on Hollywood records and are still available . Nick Manasseh and Jeremy the Equalizer are busy recording and as of the time of writing have just about finished a new album . The last record out was the Skenga EP which mashed up the place in the summer of 99 . Nick also works as a producer and recently produced an album for one of Portugal’s top bands (musica exotica para filmes , radio e televisao : Cool Hipnoise) and features on the Dido album “No Angel” on the track “Honestly OK” (melodica and additional production). Remixes are too numerous to list but labels worked with recently include : Guidance (Chicago) , Interchill (Canada) , Soundtrees (London) and Butterfly (London) . A full discography is available .

MANASSEH NOW are playing all over Europe and the UK . Having played at Rodigan’s Reggae as resident for a year and a half , Nick now plays this night at Subterrania roughly every month and plays in Edinburgh , Dublin , Brighton and Manchester all 2/3/4 times a year. He also does one off nights in Paris with the Dub Action crew and is touring in Germany and Austria this September 2001 alongside the Blood and Fire sound . There are occasional Social Centre gigs in Italy (Rome , Milan) and Portugal , and Nick is one of the regulars at the Essential Festivals and at the Glastonbury Festival . There are too many underground gigs to mention but those who went to the Junction in Brixton on Thursdays last year to check Manasseh at Jerry Dammers’s Wierd Science nights will remember them well … Nick is also one of the regulars at 100%Dynamite ; a night run by Soul Jazz records and related to that great series of compilations of the same name . Going back to the early 90s , Manasseh played the first ever night at London’s Dub Club and has continued to play there since . Nick has also been signed to Trust the DJ. Com so look out for downloadable Dj charts and nuff exclusives !

Jah warrior

‘’I first became interested in reggae music during the mid seventies, when I lived in Manchester. It was the era of the ‘punky reggae party ‘ – they always had a mixture of punk bands & reggae bands and I heard my first sound system at one of their outdoor festivals.
At first I became aware that some of the music was different to the rest – it had a harder feel to it, with strange echoed bits of voice and piano. Eventually I discovered that this style of reggae was called ‘dub’ and from then onwards I became a confirmed dub addict.

I began collecting records, ones which cost little then but have since come to be worth a small fortune. Dances were different in those days. Most of the sounds were much heavier – you’d be literally gasping for breath because the bass put so much pressure on your chest, but in 1980 I discovered a new level of sound system, when I heard Jah Shaka for the first time in Derby.
The intensity of Shaka dances back then was something else. The music he played, the way he sounded and his dj style was unique – even though other sounds might have played the same dubs, Shaka’s cuts were always the baddest -, and everyone producing music or playing sound on this scene nowadays is influenced by him, myself included. In fact, the roots scene in England probably wouldn’t even exist now without Shaka, ‘cos he’s the only one who kept the faith & kept it going when all the other sounds drifted off into sleng teng and fast talk MC’s and ragga.

In 1981 I moved to London and started going to Shaka dances at a club called Phoebes in Stoke Newington on Friday nights. A few years later I got the opportunity to have my first actual input, when hip-hop dj Tim Westwood asked if I wanted to do a reggae show on a pirate station he was on called LWR . I did it for about six months and I used to do ‘session tapes’ in advance where I’d record dub with an MC and sound effects then play it during the show.

At the same time some local youths who were forming a sound system asked me to join as selector, owing to my large collection of music. The sound was called Humble Lion and for a couple of years we played in blues dances throughout North London, building up a reputation. Sound members came and went, then in 1987 we decided to build the sound up more and changed the name to Jah Warrior . For the next few years we played in London on our own and also with other sounds like Manasseh , Jah Tubby’s , Iration Steppas , Aba Shanti , Jah Observer and so on.
The sound system led to my first beginning in producing music. I started off doing dubplates with Keety Roots and Blacka at a studio called Vibes in East London. I didn’t really have much involvement with the music then, I just used to hum a bassline, and they’d turn it into a tune for me. I continued doing this at various other studios with other people, and began to teach myself how to play, though I still wouldn’t really call myself a musician.
Then in 1990 I had an opportunity to release some music with Mr Modo records. I put out an LP called Warrior Dub ‘ under the name Zulu Warriors and a single called ‘ 2000 Style’ with Naph-Tali , but I wasn’t ready for it at the time and I later took a long break from releasing any more stuff, whilst continuing to produce dub for the sound.

In 1995 I decided the time was right for putting out more music, and the first on the Jah Warrior label was ‘The 22nd Book ‘ , voiced by my long time companion Naph-Tali . The tune sold well and was generally acclaimed as one of the best roots singles of the year.
Since then, the sound system has taken a back seat to the music production. I’ll still play out for other people when the occasion demands, but after twelve years of carrying speaker boxes up stairs, I get more enjoyment out of working in the studio and I plan to release many more tunes in the future. Jah Warrior Records has gone from strength to strength now and is established as one of the leading independent roots and dub reggae labels in the UK. To everyone who’s been with me on the way, I just want to say thank you, and respect.’’

Fedayi Pacha

Member of the French dub collective BANGARANG, FEDAYI PACHA appeared in 2003 when the project ANOTHER SOUND SYSTEM EXPERIENCE (A.S.S.E.) ended, shortly after a master piece EP released in 99 : ‘From Scratch’.

Faithfull to the Saint-Etienne-based crew, Fedayi Pacha also belongs to the electro-dub trend, but with an obvious attraction for the crossover between technology and much more oriental flavours.

Far from confining himself to his Armenian roots, he uses the whole Middle-East (Palestine, Egypt…) as a sound frame all along the 9 tracks of the album.
We think about Bill Laswell, Bally Sagoo or Black Star Liner…Rhythm are haunting, almost hypnotic and for sure basslines are present.

Likewise the Orientalists, he uses the theme only as an excuse to renew the approach : Fedayi Pacha sets himself free from the Jamaican roots of dub music by spicing it differently.

Thanks to a mobile studio, each live act is an opportunity to rebuild the music through the mixing board and sound effects, combining sound textures, jumping from brand new high-tech equipment to out-of-date technology rejects, through dudug and melodica through sampler and other sirens.

After a 1st serie of gigs (amongst them 2003 Larzac Festival, Avatarium fest,Batofar, alongside Brain Damage, Ez3kiel, Lena, Aba Shanti, General Dub, Radio Bomb, Double Nelson, Techno Animals, Duberman) and several appearances on different compilations (‘Combat Dub 2‘ for a remix of Brain Damage, ‘I Dub You!‘,French dub System‘…), FEDAYI PACHA was back on stage for about fifteen nights, including a memorable party at the Batofar in Paris, for the warm-up of Zenzile sound System.

Next album to be released for spring 2007 !


After several years of work and different collaborations (with SAI SAI, SUPA JOHN, RASBORAS, AMINA,…), PHILIPPE and YAO, the two DJINS multi-instrumentists released their first album in 2000, “Djins” on HAMMERBASS label.

They already acquired a solid live reputation playing regularly with DUB ACTION sound system all over in France and as residents of the Paris Elysée Montmartre “Jungle Fever” parties. Live, they mix machines and instruments for the best dancing efficiency.

At ease with Reggae/Dub, Drum’n’bass, Jazz or Traditional Music, these “made in France Sly & Robbie” are everywhere: the famous French magazine LES INROCKUPTIBLES included them on their Summer 99 Sampler while another track is featured on the German label ECHO BEACH compilation “FRENCH DUB CONNECTION” (June ‘99).

DJINS composed the music and produced the French singer CHET album (May 2001) as well as some French raggamuffin SAI SAI tracks.
Then in 2002, they released their side project album under the name of PARIS YARD “Dubvisions” on Hammerbass Records (BASSCD009) and co-produced French reggae new talent: BABY G (“H.IM” / BASSCD013).

Botom Botom

BOTOM BOTOM : onomatopoeia born in a Charlie Schlingo’s comic book, expressing as its tone indicates, the percussive sound of a budgin’ music !

Coming from the Lyon electronic scene, LCX and FYG, the 2 handymen BOTOM BOTOM‘s musicians already released a self-produced EP (‘Testez les 6 sens’) in 1997. Then they got involved in several compilations such as La Dernière Bombe (97), Créature des Abysses (alongside Zenzile, Le Peuple de l’herbe, Rhinocérôse…in 98) and Wreck This Mess (alongside Twilight Circus, Spectre, Dub Factory, DJ Spooky…in 99).

At this time the HAMMERBASS crew spotted them and BOTOM BOTOM was logically invited to the famous DUB ACTION parties in Paris in 2001. The seeds of collaboration between the band and the label were sown.

The same year, they start working with a female singer, Sylvie Russo, and they build their own studio called The Jurassik Studio (a mix of old and new equipment, with few prototypes here and there…)in which they composed and recorded in 2002 their first real album ‘Peace, Unity, Love, Having Fun and Computers’.
HAMMERBASS Records released it in october 2002 and the following months several gigs were set with DUB ACTION. The album got good feedbacks from the media and the promoters. Then one of the track, ‘Reality Show’, appears in the famous compilation I DUB YOU![EMI] as well as in FRENCH DUB SYSTEM VOL.1 [Wagram].

End of 2004 they go back to the Jurassik Studio to build their next album : ‘This is not a stereotype’ which will be released by HAMMERBASS in februray 2006.

BOTOM BOTOM is now 5 people on stage as a bassman (Maurad) and a guitarist (Hakim) join them to share the pleasure of live music.

From dub electro to world music, from trip-hop to reggae, BOTOM BOTOM music gives a fresh new breath to the French scene !!


For dubheads attentive to the “stepper” dub scene, the name of French producer KANKA is now familiar…but it’s with another project he’s coming back to shake the ground : ALEK6.

ALEK6 makes us travel into a more introspective and clinical territory than his usual productions and propose another read of dub music : the tempo’s slow down and electro texturing is significant. But bass-lines remain seriously huge and the result is an infectious dubstep-reggae hybrid entitled “INSIDE“. Alongside the 10 tracks, dub weighted bass is roaring while choppy beats create a metallic ambiance and “INSIDE” is a shining example of the collision between hightech dubstep and rootsy dub. To be noticed, 2 tracks highly made for making the walls rattle : “Station” in a steppa style, and “Home“, a drum’n'bass digression. ALEK6 : the new name of dubstep !



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Upfront.ch http://www.upfront.ch


Since its creation in 1997, Hammerbass Records Works at the diffusion of Dub Music in all its forms :

roots, electro, steppa, ambient…

If we want to go back to the origin of Hammerbass, we have to remember the parties of the DUB ACTION community, regularly organized in Paris since 1995 by a bunch of enlightened connoisseurs of DUB music. They were already into musical circles and the first goal was actually to enjoy it as at this time there was very little DUB music on the French scene.

As pleasure is often about sharing, the next logical step was also to enable music lovers to discover this music born in Jamaica in the mid 70′s. DUB music took its first European flight around 1977 in London thanks to the help of punk bands (Clash, Ruts, Slits..) to eventually come round almost 20 years later with the techno music that made the ‘Remix’concept [the quintessence of DUB music] available to all.

Whether they took place in basements (Paris-Texas and Archipel in 95 and 96), in boats (Makara in 97, Batofar in 2000 and 2001), or in venues (Arapaho in 95, ‘House of Dub‘ parties at the Elysée Montmartre, Glaz’art from 2000 to 2003), the DUB ACTION parties enabled many DUB fans to see their favorite artists – generally for the 1st time in France.

Therewith the neophyte had their chance to discover the French and international protagonists of this perpetually changing genre.

Those parties were thus an opportunity for the DUB ACTION crew to link up and work with some of the main DUB artists and DUB producers of the international dub scene : Adrian Sherwood & On U SOUND, DUB SYNDICATE, MAD PROFESSOR, MANASSEH, ABA SHANTI, the ROOTSMAN, IRATION STEPPA’S, JAH WARRIOR, DISCIPLES, TWILIGHT CIRCUS, ZION TRAIN, A&O, AUDIO ACTIVE, BANGARANG, DUB WISER

As we were having difficulties finding the production of those artists in France, and facing the growing audience expectations (thanks to word of mouth as well as an effective promotion), the idea came to start a label.

Ideas of collaboration started to come out, particularly with The ROOTSMAN whose 1st album (‘IN DUB WE TRUST !‘) as well as the rest of his productions were regularly burning our turntables.

During a memorable DUB ACTION party with him in 96, we decided to release a 4-track EP few months after. ‘A matter of time‘ opened its eyes in 97…



In the mid 90′s, DUB MUSIC was known in France but only by reggae fans and some aficionados coming from rock’n'roll or electronic music.

In this context, 4 people made up the DUB ACTION crew.

The name was inspired by an AUSWEIS cult album released in 87. Their goal was to please their friend’s ear with their record collection, it became reality by setting up the 1st DUB parties of the French capital city.

From 95 they organised parties in some ‘dub-friendly’ bars (PARIS-TEXAS, ARCHIPEL), then they moved in the MAKARA boat for monthly parties from 97 to 99.

The DUB ACTION Sound System (Marco & Trispa) who was already playing in the DUB ACTION parties quickly got invitation by the ARAPAHO for supporting RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE.

The word of mouth is in full mode therefore more and more people have got involved to join the cause. We also received lot of Media interest i.e. eulogistic articles (Libé,L’Evénement du Jeudi, Le Monde, Novamag…). Partnerships started to see the light of day (NOVA, RAGGA, TRAX, FG…)and brought contribution to the success of those parties.

At this time, the Digital DUB wave ‘made in UK’ broke in Europe but none of its protagonists were passing by France. The only one who showed up from time to time was the legendary JAH SHAKA who used to support Jamaican roots band.

But if you really wanted to hear some heavyweight bassline the only option was to go to the Notting Hill Carnival in London or to the Brixton’s University of DUB.

DUB ACTION decided to have other DJ’s playing along with them in this adventure. THE ROOTSMAN was the 1st English artist who granted us the pleasure to come and play in Paris for an astonishing anthology party at the Archipel in 96. With the wealth of this promising experience behind us, plans started to spurt out and the crew invited MANASSEH, DISCIPLES, ZION TRAIN, BUSH CHEMISTS

The young emerging French scene wouldn’t be outdone as Parisian discovered artists such as BRAIN DAMAGE, HIGH TONE, JUNIOR CONY, IMPROVISATORS DUB or DUBIANS in the late 90′s.

In 98, the increasing success of the parties lead the Elysee Montmartre, a famous venue, to propose the DUB ACTION crew to set up more important monthly events : there we go with the famous ‘HOUSE OF DUB‘.

The idea was to invite a live band and some DJ’s into DUB music regardless of their influences (roots or electro).

For 2 years these parties made it possible for dub addicts to see on stage artists such as DUB SYNDICATE, ABA SHANTI, ADRIAN SHERWOOD, MAD PROFESSOR, REVOLUTIONARY DUB WARRIORS, AUDIO ACTIVE

Residencies will quickly follow at the BATOFAR (from 99 to 2000), then at Glaz’art (from october 2000 to july 2003), and other parties were on at the Divan du Monde (Qaballah steppers + Jamalski + Djins), at the Nouveau Casino (for the first Adrian Sherwoods solo album) and at the Triptyque (with MANASSEH + TWILIGHT CIRCUS + KANKA for the launch party of the I DUB YOU ! compilation).


The DUB ACTION crew (joined by RASBORAS, the ‘scientist’) didn’t stop their and decided in 98 to propose their parties in other part of France and overseas. In venues of course (Laiterie in Strasbourg, Bikini in Toulouse, Barbey in Bordeaux, Aeronef in Lille, Espace Julien in Marseille, Astrolabe in Orleans, Ubu in Rennes, Usine in Reims, Lunes des Pirates in Amiens…) and also in several festivals, from the most underground (Dubalistic, Dub me Crazy, Dub Clash 1…) to the hippest (Printemps de Bourges, Mix Move, Telerama Dub Festival…), from the most roots-reggae (Garance Reggae Festival) to the most electro(Astropolis, Magic Garden, Panorama…).

In 2001 for the launch of the album of ELEPHANT SYSTEM (ex TREPONEM PAL), DUB ACTION supported the band for a 40-gig trip around the country.

Since few years, DUB ACTION parties reach Poland (Big up for Maken !), Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland…But joining ADRIAN SHERWOOD for a tour in april 2000 (15 gigs in 5 countries) was certainly the main event that increased the popularity of the crew out of the border.

Beware ! The DUB ACTION parties are back in Paris since october 2005 at the BATOFAR (DUB WISER, JOINT VENTURE SOUND SYSTEM, KANKA, SEB THE PLAYER, MANASSEH…to be continued with ROOTSMAN, BOTOM BOTOM, MINIMAN

Keep your eyes open !







































Pour les amateurs éclairés d’électro-dub fracassant, le nom de KANKA est maintenant familier… mais c’est avec un nouveau projet estampillé dubstep et un nouveau nom que le conquérant du dub revient : ALEK6 .

Plus introspectif, ALEK6 présente une autre lecture du dub : avec ce 1er album intitulé INSIDE, le tempo est ralenti, les basses sont hypnotiques et les sonorités plus électro que dans ses productions habituelles.
Mais la puissance de feu reste la même ! Infrabasses tétanisantes, nappes captivantes, skanks ciselés à la hache, caisse claire incisive…le tout formant une structure imparable.
Tout au long des 10 titres qui composent INSIDE, la production est pachydermique et n’a rien à envier aux meilleures sorties anglaises du genre !
Mais ALEK6 trace son propre chemin, et évite les sentiers déjà abattus par d’autres.
Car la spécificité d’ALEK6 est de réussir à combiner la chaleur du reggae-dub originel aux ambiances urbaines du dubstep. Dans INSIDE, l’atmosphère est pesante mais jamais malsaine, la texture sonore agressive mais jamais froide.
A noter tout de même la présence de deux titres au tempo plus énervé qui vont faire chavirer les dance-floors, le très stepper “Home” et “Station” plus drum-n-bass.

ALEK6 le nouveau nom du dubstep !


Un album soft mais prenant (Coda), élégant mélange aux effluves jamaicaines (Le Monde), des compositions lancinantes (20 Minutes), sublime qualité de son et fluidité absolue (Reggae.fr), un dub qui se fond dans l’électro-ambient et se fait chamanique jusqu’à prendre la forme d’une envoûtante installation sonore (Télérama), Dubphonic étire ses rivages sensuels sous des astres bienveillants et bien leur en prend (Keyboards)…

Telles sont quelques unes des critiques qui ont salué la sortie de SMOKE SIGNALS (Hammerbass / 2003), 1er album de ce trio parisien après un maxi cultissime enregistré pour le label américain Guidance. Entièrement instrumental, ce disque fera le bonheur des illustrateurs sonores et music supervisors, certains titres figurant aux génériques des prestigieuses séries américaines “Six Feet Under” (2è saison/ép.9) et “Dexter“(2è saison/ép.2).

Une tournée en 1ère partie des fameux Japonais d’AUDIO ACTIVE et quelques concerts parisiens plus tard avec le crew HAMMERBASS / DUB ACTION, le groupe décide de retourner en studio pendant que leur remix d’Orozco (des autrichiens TOSCA sur G.STONE) fait le tour du monde et que plusieurs morceaux de l’album apparaissent sur de nombreuses compilations en France et à l’étranger.

Si l’inspiration est là, Stefane Goldman (guitares), Alexis Mauri aka ALEXKID (programmation/réalisation) et Sylvain Mosca aka BEN (programmation) ne se satisfont pas du résultat et mettront 3 ans à réunir une dizaine de compositions qu’ils jugent digne d’être enregistrées pour un nouvel album. Ce seront les 10 titres de “RELIGHT“, 2è opus du groupe, qui sort à nouveau chez HAMMERBASS, “label défenseur d’un dub fédérateur pour tous” !

Au cours de ce lent processus de création, 4 morceaux vont s’imposer comme des chansons pour l’interprétation desquelles le groupe va solliciter les chanteuses américaines LISET ALEA (entendue sur les albums 2 et 3 d’ALEXKID pour F-Comm.) et DANIELLA D’AMBROSIO (Nouvelle Vague et la voix d’Air France avec Aswefall), la chanteuse brésilienne CÈU (dont le nouvel album “Varagosa” est sur le point de sortir en Europe) ainsi que le chanteur MAU, co-fondateur du groupe anglais Earthling et collaborateur des français de 7dub.

Si les membres originaux du groupe tiennent toujours la majorité des instruments et restent les principaux compositeurs du répertoire, ils se sont entourés de leur fidèle collaborateur DJ SEEP et de musiciens comme Jean-Philippe RYKIEL et Rodriguez Junior (ex Youngsters) au piano, Jérémie Poirier-Quinot à la flûte et Prince Zober aux percussions, enrichissant ainsi leur palette sonore sans pour autant renier l’essence cinématographique de leur musique particulièrement perceptible dans des titres comme “Nora Sun” ou le somptueux “Outland” qui clôt l’album.

Au programme donc : rythmiques lancinantes, mélodies envoûtantes, et bien sûr grosses basses, le tout oscillant entre trip-hop majeur (on pense à Massive Attack ou Portishead…) et électro-dub original (Tosca, On U Sound, Dreadzone…).

DUBPHONIC fait figure d’ovni et prouve une fois de plus que leurs productions sont parmi les plus novatrices de la scène électro française !!

A l’occasion de la sortie de ce nouvel album, DUBPHONIC feat. DJ Seep seront le 28 nov. prochain sur la scène du Trabendo à Paris dans le cadre du TELERAMA DUB FESTIVAL.


Depuis la sortie de ses premiers albums “Don’t stop dub” début 2005 et “Alert” fin 2006, KANKA est considéré comme l’un des fers de lance de la scène dub “steppa” en Europe.

Chacune de ses productions (cd ou vinyl) est acclamée par la presse spécialisée, jouée par bon nombre de sounds systems respectés (IRATION STEPPAS, BLACKBOARD JUNGLE…), et ses prestations live scotchent tout le monde (Telerama dub festival, Reggae Sun Ska etc…) !! Avec son style percussif et ultra efficace, influencé par le dub anglais et jamaicain, KANKA a fait de nombreux adeptes et son nouvel album, “SUB.MERSION”, est vivement attendu par les dub addicts de tous les continents.

On retrouve tout au long des 13 titres conquérants qui composent ce nouvel opus tout ce qui fait la force de KANKA : rythmique dynamique, basses lourdes et hypnotiques, sons électro énergiques…Warrior style ! Comme dans les précédents albums, la collaboration avec des MCs de tout bord se poursuit dans “SUB.MERSION” avec la présence du célèbre RANKING JOE, du fidèle MC OLIVA, du jeune pousse BIGA et de la mexicaine MONEYEI. L’internationale dub n’en finit pas de se construire…


Originaire de Martinique, BABY G fait ses premiers pas de chanteur au sein de la chorale de sa paroisse de Tivoli, il a alors 10 ans. Une vocation est née en même temps qu’une voix. Après avoir écumé les sounds systems de l’ïle et enregistré un 1er album en Jamaique (“Hileaf”), il rejoint la métropole en 1998 où il rencontrera le collectif DUB ACTION / HAMMERBASS et la formation reggae-dub DJINS. En résultera un album distribué nationalement et acclamé par la presse spécialisée, “H.I.M” (Hammerbass Rec.), sorti en 2002 avec des featurings de renom : GHETTO PRIEST du crew ON U SOUND, Yaniss ODUA ou le fast MC JAMALSKI.

A la même époque, il fait des apparitions sur l’album d’Elephant System (Island) produit par le dub gourou Adrian Sherwood, et participe à la compilation “Plus de cœur égal soleil” (Barclay) de PK Machine. En 2004, il rend hommage à Jimmy Cliff en interprétant le tube “Reggae Night“, single produit par BMG qui sera accompagné d’un clip diffusé sur de nombreuses chaînes (M6, Trace TV, MCM…) et d’une tournée française.

En 2006, BABY G rejoint le collectif BLB pour réaliser plusieurs titres sur l’album “Ebene” aux côtés d’Asher, Sinjahman, King Kalabash. Ils se produiront ensemble sur de nombreuses scènes au niveau national mais aussi international (Belgique, Suisse, Mali…), et s’est vu programmé aux côtés d’autres artistes reggae de renommée tels que Lyricson, Daddy Yod ou Daddy Mory.

Toujours sur la brêche, BABY G revient en 2008 avec un nouvel album solo qui s’annonce aussi éclectique que l’artiste lui-même : “LIBRE”. 13 titres chaloupés où reggae roots, dance-hall ou hip-hop se mêlent allégrement à l’une des plus belles voix du reggae en France ! Pour l’occasion il est accompagné sur certains morceaux par la chanteuse Maayitah sur 2 titres et les chanteurs Neg Lyrical, Le R.I.C, et Mickee 3000. Loin des clichés actuels du reggae/ragga (culte du voyou et des armes, homophobie, misogynie, racisme), BABY G prêche la tolérance et la responsabilisation de la jeunesse et de ses actes démontrant une fois de plus que l’on peut faire danser les foules tout en les éduquant.

Car BABY G est aussi un artiste de scène : il a foulé le sol de scènes prestigieuses et de nombreux festivals : l’Elysée Montmartre, le New Morning, 1ère partie de la tournée nationale d’Israël Vibration en 2003, Jamaican Sunrise à Bagnols / Cèze, Garance Reggae Festival (Bercy), SummerJam, Festival des arts et des traditions au Mali…

“Libre” sort le 24 novembre toujours sur Hammerbass !

Inna Steppa Dub

Né de la rencontre explosive de 2 formations incontournables de la scène dub européenne, le projet “IMPROVISATORS DUB meets IRATION STEPPAS” a vu le jour à l’occasion d’une création et un concert unique pour le Printemps de Bourgesen 2007, fruit de 10 jours mémorables de travail en commun.

Le résultat fut tellement encourageant que les 2 groupes décidèrent de ne pas en rester là…

Au menu : 12 titres ravageurs, taille sound system !

Rythmiques imparables, basses abyssales, effets dévastateurs et chants terriblement efficaces que n’aurait pas renié Prince far I…De quoi faire chauffer les systèmes et les dance floors !

Histoire de boucler la boucle, le super collectif décline ces titres en un live écrasant, percutant, perforant, bref : puissant !
Et après avoir mis tout le monde d’accord lors de la dernière édition du Telerama Dub Festival en mai 2008, les 8 dubbers remettent ça avec une série de dates exceptionnelles en France : c’est l’événement dub de cette fin d’année à ne rater sous aucun prétexte!

The 99 Names of Dub

Member of the ST ETIENNE dub crew BANGARANG, (cf. Brain Damage), FEDAYI PACHA was created by a former member of the project Another Sound System Experience : A.S.S.E.
After several gigs everywhere in Europe (Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia, Kosovo, Belgium, Switzerland…) and issues on different electro-dub compilations taken from the 1st album “Dub Works…” (2005), FEDAYI PACHA is back in 2007 with this new album entitled “The 99 names of dub” to be released on HAMMERBASS Records in may.

Musicwise we’re still talking of electronic dub of course, but blended with different oriental flavours. Without limiting himself to his arminian roots FEDAYI PACHA’s mixes sounds from the whole Mid-East, Indian and Balkanic area with electronica : likewise the Orientalists, it’s just a theme used to renew the approach. Alongside the 18 tracks of the album (1 full track + 1 interldude), FEDAYI PACHA cooks dub with different spices and all the genre is here represented : ethno, steppa, ambient, dubstep… We think mostly at Muslimgauze, Bill laswell, or Black Star Liner. From his mobile studio, music is deconstructed and rebuilt each time through the mixing board and the sound effects, combining duduk (Arminian traditional Oboe) with samplers, steal horn and melodica.

The “electroriental” version of dub is ready to invade all the open minded sound systems !


Influenced by UK and Jamaican dub, the KANKA‘s sound is stepper (warrior style !) and his compositions based on a strong bass & drums section. Even if the reggae riddim can often be heard, it sounds of today : tempos are particularly high for this kind of music, the heavy bass line combined to a dynamic drums style and electro soundz

His first ‘‘official’‘ album, ‘‘ Don’t stop dub ! ’‘, has been released on HAMMERBASS Records in march 2005. Acclaimed by all the actors of the international dub scene and played by respected sound systems, this album gave him the opportunity to make himself known from worldwide dub addicts.

As for the 1st album, KANKA is playing all instruments (drums, percussions, keyboards, bass, machines…) on his new opus also released by Hammerbass Records : ‘‘Alert’‘. Composed of 12 tracks, included 3 featuring vocals of Brixton’s famous MC BROTHER CULTURE , ‘‘Alert’‘ is one of the heavyest dub album released in the last 20 years !!

Electro soundz and roots dub riddims are still combined with the purpose of efficiency.

Created for Sound Systems parties as well as club’s dance floors, ‘‘ALERT’‘ will make the walls rattlle !!! Crucial dub !

Opus in Dub Minor

Toujours profondément roots dans ses influences (King Tubby, Sir Coxsone, Jah Warrior, Dub Syndicate…), MINIMAN, distille son dub massif en élargissant ses frontières vers le trip-hop, le breakbeat, l’indus ou la transe.
Un son étoffé de samples, de mélodica et d’ambiances cinématographiques qui empreintent parfois à certains thèmes de musique de films.

Heart Of Dub

NUCLEUS ROOTS a vu le jour à Manchester en 1996 après la création d’un studio portant le même nom, véritable plateforme pour tous les artistes reggae de la région.
Avec déjà 3 albums à leur actif, NUCLEUS ROOTS est devenu une référence de la scène reggae-dub anglaise enchainant les concerts partout en Europe (ils ont notamment joué 3 fois au fameux Glastonbury festival et tourné avec ZION TRAIN ou IRATION STEPPAS) et collaborant avec des artistes de renom comme TWINKLE BROTHERS, MISTY IN ROOTS, JAH SHAKA, DUB SYNDICATE, ABA SHANTI & FREDLOCKS

En 2006, NUCLEUS ROOTS revient donc avec un nouvel album, entièrement dub cette fois ci, et c’est tout naturellement vers le label HAMMERBASS que les anglais se sont tournés pour une collaboration sur ce projet intitulé ”HEART OF DUB”. Les 14 titres présents sont quasimment tous tirés des précédents albums et sont totalement inédits. Dans la plus pure tradition jamaicaine, ces dubs sont bien roots et destinés à être joués dans les sound systems. ”HEART OF DUB” va faire chauffer les dance floors !

”HEART OF DUB” sortira le 02 mai en France et à cette occasion le groupe sera en concert aux festivals ZICALIZES (4 mai / MASSY) et TELERAMA DUB FESTIVAL (19 mai / PARIS), et en version sound system les 29 et 30 avril aux ”3 petits cochons” dans le cadre du PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES…A venir également une soirée DUB ACTION à Paris / Batofar en juin.

This not a stereotype

After their first album released in 2002 ‘Peace, Unity, Love, Having Fun and Computers‘ and several appearances in the famous dub compilations (I DUB YOU [EMI], FRENCH DUB SYSTEM [Wagram]), the Frenchies come back with their 2nd opus entitled ‘This is not a stereotype‘.

Of course these 13 tracks still express the core of the band: an explosive mix of electro-dub, trip-hop, groovy rhythms, entrancing and surprising melodies. But this time, the voluptuous voice of the singer (unfortunately less frequent in the 1st album) is omnipresent and arrangements are much more oriental.

Included the astonishing remix of ‘Reality Show‘ from the 1st album.

A record undoubtedly sensuous and punchy !


Behind The Dub Side

After “A New Millenium Of Dub” (named after the ASWAD album) and “Tribute To Remixes“, this new record invite us to a urban & cross-over journey through dub, reggae, hip-hop, breakbeat, electronica, world music, industrial rock… and to meetings with guests vocalists of different styles:
C’TOM the 3rd member of DUB WISER , AGNIESZKA and her silky voice , SOLOMON KT singing in English and Amharic, LYNCEE for a lover style, and KROKMEETEN for a virulent hard-core rap.

The vocals have much more room in ‘Behind the Dub Side’ than in the previous productions with singers from all over the place (Poland, Ethiopia, West Indies). DUB WISER radiant and spaced out dub, mixing jamaican roots atmosphere with new technology, take us to discover new sonic surroundings and fantasy landscapes. DUB WISER gathers all Dance Floor cultures on this constantly evoluting musical map!

After having supported acts as Adrian Sherwood, The Rootsman, LKJ, Dreadzone during summer (Sziget festival / Budapest), and French Elephant System or Djins, they tour France in autumn 2005 and 2006.

Dub works (in mysterious waves)

New comer at BANGARANG, the St Etienne dub crew Brain Damage, FEDAYI PACHA was created by a former member of Another Sound System Experience `A.S.S.E`.

Musicwise we`re still talking of electro dub, but blended with oriental flavours. Without limiting himself to his Armenian roots FEDAYI PACHA’s mixes sound explores the whole Middle-East area (Palestine, Egypt,…).

It`s just a theme used to renew this fresh approach to these dubs. In these 9 heavy tracks FEDAYI PACHA cooks dub with different spices. Then we start thinking of Bill laswell, Bally Sagoo or even Black Star Liner…

Don’t Stop Dub

o complete his percussive music, he invits toasters and a horn section on this album. It will feature BROTHER CULTURE (from Brixton), MANASSEH Sound system’s MC who already collaborated with TWILIGHT CIRCUS, MUNGO’S HI FI, YOUTH, DREADZONE…bringing a universal dimension to KANKA’s dub.

This albums looks more for efficiency than for experimentation and calls directly to the dancefloor.

Ashes to ashes – Dub to dub

Constitué en 99 par deux membres créateurs du label stéphanois Bangarang, ce duo évolue dans un style emo-dub-ambient qui lui est désormais propre, affûté au fil de ses différentes créations et prestations scéniques.

Un maximum de collaborations artistiques ont déjà été effectuées, avec quelques-uns des principaux activistes de la scène dub internationale : Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, Scorn, ou Spectre pour ne citer qu’eux, mais aussi Hammerbass, Expressillon, ou Jarring Effect, pour ne pas oublier la jeune scène française au sein de laquelle Brain Damage tient une place de plus en plus importante, bien que fortement démarquée. Parallèlement aux sorties d’un premier maxi 5 titres et du premier album « Always greener (on the other side) », dont une partie a été effectuée à Londres au fameux « Conscious sounds studio », on retrouve certaines de leurs productions sur pas moins de 18 compilations en France, mais aussi à l’étranger via des collaborations avec des labels comme Wordsound (usa), Dubhead (uk), ou encore Tanty rds (uk). Fin 2003, de nouvelles rencontres avec le vocaliste londonien Learoy Green et le dj-poet-performer new yorkais Black Sifichi, aboutissent à la création d’un nouvel album : « Ashes to ashes/Dub to dub », pour entériner définitivement cette façon émotionnelle et si particulière qu’a Brain Damage de produire un dub désormais unique. À noter que tout parait opposer le coté ambient et « cérébral » des expérimentations studio à la scène, où les sensations redeviennent physiques, les fréquences infra-basses sont presque palpables, et le combat contre la rigueur des machines utilisées est sans merci… C’est le combat … dub

Remixed : Dubwise

This project is actually the 1st part of a serie of remixes he elaborated with other artists using his album ‘Foundation Rockers’ (end of 2003).
Entitled “Remixed : Dubwise”, he brings together the ‘roots’ tunes and turns on original vocals of well-known singer (featuring in the previous album) : BIG YOUTH, LUCIANO, MIKAL ROSE (Black Uhuru), RANKING JOE, BROTHER CULTURE.

For exceptional vocalists, he needed exceptional remixer !
The artists who showed up are prestigious and well-known by reggae-dub fans.

71 minutes of original sound in the purest Jamaican tradition !

XLR8R “Twilight Circus is the top sound…..”
THE WIRE – “…..this is as good as newly created dub gets…” – Steve Barker
EXCLAIM! – “Moore’s songwriting and recording technique remains superior to anyone working in dub today”
REGGAE VIBES – “One of the most creative and original Dub wizards in the world!”

Dub Plate Style 2

As one of the most famous protagonist of the reggae-dub UK scene, Nick MANASSEH is a reference for every sound systems amateurs. Disciple of the mythical Jah Shaka (with whom he played several times), he produced many dub plates in the 90′s, regularly broadcast on his weekly radio show on Kiss Fm from 87 to 99 and also played for the Rodigan’ Reggae nights as resident.

Sticking to the spirit of ‘DUB PLATE STYLE 90-99‘ released on Hammerbass in 2002, this 2nd volume offers a selection of unreleased tunes produced by MANASSEH between the beginning of 90 and right now with faithful featurings of EARL 16, BROTHER CULTURE and DANNY RED.

Included the classic EARL 16′s ‘Zion City’ (remixed by DREADZONE by the way) and the respectful wink at the CLASH with ‘Dubs of Brixton’ ending the album.

MANASSEH passes the feat of using both the ‘roots & culture’ tradition of the UK sound systems (Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti…) and the sonorities of today, proving one more time he’s a major influence of the actual dub.

Worldwide exclusivity on Hammerbass Records !

Combat Dub 2

It is not very well known that Brain Damage, was a dub radio show even before being a band. this radio show is still existing, every week on Radio-dio 89,5 mhz St-Etienne and on the web. For seven years the principle has been the same: an hour of pure mix, linking the jamaican influences to the avant garde dub productions. Combat Dub II was based on the same idea: and if there is an opposition between roots dub and its modern: futuristic, harsher, version, this selection is meant to reunite each side.
Each title of this selection is each title is a remix of a Brain Damage song, from their debut album “Always greener (on the other side)” (except the 2 un released tracks opening and finishing the record).
Like for Combat Dub I a large number of remixers are from abroad, at a time where the French dub scene explodes. Bangarang wants to stress its difference but still respects a lot this recent and talented scene. This is also to claim that dub is international, and has to keep evolving to avoid oblivior.

Track list :

Brain Damage (F): “Major crisis” : unreleased
Vibronics (Uk) : remixed from “On the other side”
Alpha & Omega (Uk) : remixed from “Spirit world”
Manutension (F): remixed from “Genetic weapon”
Sam “Kronik” Clayton (Jam) : remixed from “Just suddenly peaceful”
Mossman (Can) : remixed from “Vanishing point”
Alter Echo (Usa): remixed from “Pre war psychosis”
Rasboras (F) : remixed from “Doom’s day machine”
Fedayi Pacha (F) : remixed from “Just suddenly painful”
Kobe (F): remixed from “Les petits yeux métalliques”
Scorn (Uk): remixed from “A little walk to nowhere”
Brain Damage (F): “Armistice” unreleased

Vibronics (Uk):
One of the most remarkable project from the UK label, Universal Egg, close from Zion Train. Vibronic sound is mercyless and massive. Sound system feel guaranted.

Alpha & Omega (Uk):
What can we say? Respected worldwide, as much for their work as for their longevity, this 2 pieces presents Bangarang with a third collaboration. With more than 20 albums Alpha & Omega layed great part of the foundations of UK Novo Dub. Obviously a reference.

Manutension (F):
Unforgettable and uncontrolled member of Improvisator’s Dub, precursor of dub in France, Manutension seems to live only for the sound and its vibes. One of the most engaging and talented guy from the dub scene.

Sam “Kronik” Clayton (Jam):
Son of Sam Clayton, the key part of the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, the most respected Jamaican legend, Sam quickly made his own reputation. Living in France since a short time, he’s demanded very often as much for his great talent as a sound engineer (Skatelites, D. Dekker) as for the quality of his own productions.

Mossman (Can): Remember the craziness of Lee Perry’s productions during th 70’s? Years later Mossman was infected by the disease, amazing.

Alter Echo (Usa):
Founder member of the exciting west coast label BSI, Josh Demy leads his project, Alter Echo, in a masterly manner. Between industrial hip- hop and ambient- dub, he recently worked with DJ Spooky and remixed Lee Perry.

Rasboras (F):
Also known as the scientist of the Paris collective Dub Action/Hammerbass, Rasboras belongs to the kind of artist whose productions are awaited like the rain during a heatwave. Perfectionist but discreet, a rumor says he would be secretly working on an album.

Fedayi Pacha (F) :
A brand new project from the Bangarang collective, by a former member of Another Sound System Experience (RIP). Beware this producer is brainy, nothing is left to chance, everything is anticipated… And the result is powerful !

Kobe (F):
Keyboard player during the 80’s in the band Babylon Fighters, massive influence of the nowadays french dub scene, Kobe is now well known as a live sound engineer for Brain Damage as with his Loaded Studio in St Etienne. Enjoy, the man scarcely put out his personal productions !

Scorn (Uk):
Mick Harris solo project, an artist as brilliant as he is atypical. Impressive resumé: drummer in Napalm Death, several records with Bill Laswell, John Zorn amid others. Here, hip- hop- dub- ambient reaches its limits, no way to go further !

Brain Damage:
Host of this records, the band opens and closes this selection with two unreleased tracks.

Smoke Signals

During an excursion into the Northern Parisian suburbs, Dubphonic found shelter from a storm in the office of Hammerbass, pioneer of the Dub Federation For All, symbol of peace and universal cultural exception. And this is how these outskirts activists in a safe haven signed the band, before any major could reach for their chequebook. .

In their quest for transparency and respect of Mother Nature, Dubphonic sort out their domestic wastes at every creative step. Guaranteed free from GM ingredients, their music helps healing, brings back the beloved one, resolves money problems, gives self confidence, and also proves to be a perfect soundtrack for contemporary arts exhibitions.


In 2003, DJINS are coming back with their 2nd album : “Verbalistic”.
This new explosive album reveals a new face of the duet, with more voices and new collaborations (MC JAMALSKI (US), BROTHER CULTURE (UK), BABY G (Fr), GHETTO PRIEST (UK)…), electro sounds and at the end energy ! These 2 alchimists immerse us in a modern transe and will make you travel from reggae, through worldmusic, into a “Drum’n’bass french touch version”.


Escaped from the earliest punky reggae parties in the late 70’s, Steve mosco aka JAH WARRIOR is an emblematic actor of the UK reggae-dub scene since 15 years now. He started as a sound system selector in the 80’s, sharing the headlines with JAH SHAKA, ABA SHANTI, JAH OBSERVERor MANASSEH. Mainly influenced by the JAH SHAKA Sound (the dub pioneer in UK), JAH WARRIOR loves deep bass lines and devastating echoes in a pure Sound System Style. In 1995, after many years going from parties to parties all over England, he decided to devote to production and creates the label JAH WARRIOR Records. He released notably the DILLINGER, U BROWN, ROD TAYLOR and PRINCE ALLA lasts albums.

With this new delivery exclusively released by French label HAMMERBASS Records, JAH WARRIOR presents us crucial and unreleased dub-plates elaborated in the famous « Conscious Sounds studio » in London and featuring an all star connection of jamaican singers : HORACE ANDY, U BROWN, ROD TAYLOR, TENA STELIN, WINSTON MC ANUFF, PRINCE ALLA, JOSEPH COTTON, PETER BROGGS, SINGER BLUE, HUGHIE IZACHAAR.

CHAPTER II : Tribute To Remixes

CHAPTER II : Tribute To Remixes (Hammerbass-Nocturne) was released in april 2003. This project initiated 2 years before that is a collection of 14 remixes realised by the musical circle of the band.


These 12 tracks are representative of his talent and personality, from roots reggae dub (« Chacun sa vie », « Lumière », « Rasta », « Zion » featuring GHETTO PRIEST of the On-U sound crew) to ragga with the matchless MC JAMALSKI from New York City (« Ashanti ») and Yaniss ODUA (« Bô kaîl ») through « lover style » songs (« Rêver », « Jeune homme ») and some acoustic pearls (« h.i.m., Bénis jah »), which emphasize his voice.
Far from the existing clichés of the reggae/ragga (worship of the rogue and of weapons, homophobia, misoginy, racism), he preaches tolerance, responsibilisation of the youth and its actions, and love of one’s neighboor.
He also appeared successfully on stage as the support band for the ISRAEL VIBRATION French tour in january 03.

Peace, Unity, Love , Having Fun And Computers

From a “vitamined ”electro-dub to an “Oriental”dance-floor; through a sensual trip-hop or a refreshing drum’n’bass, this 12 tracks album, swarming with fatal gimmicks and melodic themes, proves us that electronic music can be warm, living and human.

The sampler – used as a real instrument associated with a quite muddy bass and groovy rhythms punctuated with keyboards inspired by dub – shapes the essence of their audio base. Detuned, pitched, time-streched voices add the finishing touch to this deliberately original and positive music.

New Testament

With this album entitled NEW TESTAMENT, THE ROOTSMAN has reached a new step in his musical quest. Not as instrumental as his previous productions, the 13 tracks of NEW TESTAMENT are offering us a vocal number of various unstoppable Jamaican artists. He has appealed to first class singers and Djs who have pitched their voices in the THIRD EYE STUDIO in 2001: Prime singers such as DADDY FREDDY, U-BROWN, EARL 16 or MIKE BROOKS, famous Djs like JAH MASON, DETERMINE, SANDEENO et BOBBY BLUE or promising youngs as CUDJOE BANTON, BONGO CHILLI , FOWLIE DON, WINSTON MC ANUFF and the delightfull British DAYJAH.

NEW TESTAMENT will charm all Ragga / Hip Hop and of course Dub lovers, as well as all of those who already embarked upon THE ROOTSMAN’s original universe.

On the occasion of the album release, THE ROOTSMAN toured across France in 2002 with BONGO CHILLI.


After many works in combination with Jamalski (NYC), French reggae singer Baby G, Arab female singer Amina & Chanson Française singer Chet, here come again the multi-instrumentalists Philippe & Yao (bass, samplers, computers, percussions…) from electro-jungle-dub combo DJINS, with a brand new side project : PARIS YARD.

PARIS YARD is before all, an audio & visual journey, out of time & space. Each song is a universe where the listener can travel through his own fantasy, images, tell his story, make his movie.

What can make us travel from a continent to another, make us slide from the African bush to the noisy urban world and all this without moving?

Dub, still & always Dub !!!!!

Script : BABY G
Jean-Claude Bitié M’Vondo aka PUPPA LESLIE
Pascal Limé aka JUDE

Actors : BROTHER CULTURE (UK) aka « The Good »
LES STEPS UPHORNS (FR) aka « The Bad »
DIABATE (LIBERIA) aka « Le Griot »
GHETTO PRIEST (UK) aka « The Magician »

Lights : BABY G
Make up : FABY

Consultants : NONO, DAWIT, JOSEPH

Executive producer : HAMMERBASS

Always Greener

Elsewhere, grass is supposed to be greener…according to
Brain Damage.

While breaking with the jamaïcan pattern, this first album “made in France”, refers in every details to the great founders -Lee Perry, King Tubby- and present activists -Dub Syndicate, Rhythm and Sound- of this musical style.

The studio, the 7/11 Laboratory, is here used as a real instrument. The stereo & three-dimensional effects, from the classical space echoes and eurotunnel-like reverbs to cracking sounds, electronic interferences and exogeneous samples straight from Babylon, take the listener into a musical landscape.

Likewise its previous collaborations with the dub international -Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, Spectre, Lab°- Brain Damage recorded two tracks at Conscious Sounds Studio, London, with the vocalist Tena Stelin : The melancoly of “Spirit World” reminds us the Massive Attack/Horace Andy encounter, while the mood is more obviously political with “Genetic Weapon”. Two songs with lyrics amid these ten tracks where emotional atmospheres and ambiences change according to the listener’s mood.

” Always Greener (on the other side)” is a manifesto for music considered as a movie for the ear .

Dub Plate Style 1990-1999

” It was in January 2000 , the day after a great dance at the Batofar, that Trispa and Marco from Dub Action were listening through to some Manasseh dub plates with me and Oxman and making up a CD for themselves. It was about six months later that Trispa contacted me to say that they wanted to release this commercially . Although I was initially unsure about this , I realized that some of this music would just stay on dub plate, some of the alternative mixes would never be heard at all, so where was the downside ? Anyway, Manasseh has enough other exclusives that Dub Action haven’t even checked as yet !

These dubs are a selection of Manasseh productions which date from around 1990 to 1999 and showcase the history of the sound and its music. This period was the time of the UK roots revival and tracks like Earl 16 ‘s Natural Roots really opened up the scene and showed that serious Jamaican artists were into working with us. Some of the dubs though, are just pure rough sound system business. Sometimes, if there was a ig dance coming up, we would do some new rythms just for the dance, go and cut them on dub at Music House or Jah Tubby’s , and run them in the dance the same night… so if you can hear any of the mistakes in the bassline of Good Stepping Pts 1&2 then that’s why !

Dub Plate Style Vol. 1 was actually recorded from the original dubs, but for the commercial CD we went back to the original mix tapes as some of the dubs were a bit mashed up… I hope you enjoy this trip through the Manasseh dub box , please be careful of your speakers !

Love … ”

Roots bloody Rootsman

After ‘REALMS OF THE UNSEEN‘ (the first Hammerbass Release in 99), the English artist is back with his remix album ‘ROOTS BLOODY ROOTSMAN‘, made of unreleased tracks recorded in England between 1996 and 2001.

We’ll find on this album the ‘electro-ethno-dub’ universe of The Rootsman who had his own version remixed by talented remixers :

RASBORAS (France / Hammerbass Rec)
JAMMIN’ UNIT (Germany)

A New Millenium Of Dub

Their first album titled « A New Millenium of Dub », as a tribute to ASWAD‘s « A New Chapter of Dub », invites us for a journey thru urban & multi-cultured landscapes where crossover is the rule : dub, reggae, jungle, electronic, traditional & industrial sounds are all together creating the New Millenium Dub…

Dub Action Captures Hammerbass

Why this compilation ?

Dub Action sound system & Hammerbass label basis but also goal have always been the exchange spirit, a dub speciality (thru dub plates, clashes, remixes), shared by the whole dub network : artists, labels & sound systems. We wanted to thank & pay tribute to those of them who supported us and made it happen ! All tracks are mixed in a sound system style. You will find previously unreleased tracks and also songs extracted from Hammerbass vinyls or CDs. Last but not least, we asked all our dub friends to collaborate to this record by sending little messages to be the links between the tracks.

1/ RASBORAS DUB TRIBE “House of Dub” [Rasboras inc.] / previously unreleased
As a composer, Rasboras is the spine of this compilation, mixing & remixing all the tracks like he used to do live.

2/ DJINS “Warrior” [Djins] / previously unreleased
An unreleased track taken out from the huge Djins’ repertoire. Djins & Dub Action team being friends for years it naturally led to the release of their first album on Hammerbass.

3/ THE ROOTSMAN “Imitator” [The Rootsman] / from the album “Realms of the Unseen” BASSCD001
Rootsman is likely the stepping stone for Dub Action / Hammerbass. First artist to be invited to the Dub Action parties, first 12” vinyl, then first CD album on Hammerbass.

4/ DADDY FREDDY “Imitator” [The Rootsman / Daddy Freddy] / from the album DADDY FREDDY meets THE ROOTSMAN “Old School New School” BASSCD002
Another Rootsman’s production, this time with the legendary & genuine DADDY FREDDY, the man with the fastest flow in the world, inventor, with his friend Asher D., of the Ragga Hip Hop.

5/ DUB WISER remixed by THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO “Fire” [Mulat / Luzardi] / previously unreleased
Another meeting thru DUB ACTION between JP Sluys aka the Count of Monte Cristo from Brooklyn (Qaballah Steppers, Baraka Foundation) & parisian dub duet DUB WISER.

6/ DUB WISER “Sensi Drinka” [Mulat / Luzardi] / from the 12” BASS004
Luz used to play in the late 80’s in a band called Ausweis. Together with the french singer PUPPA LESLIE, on their last album,“Dub Action” (!), they initiated french Rub A Dub. A decade later, he meets Rico, and “the urban crossover adventure begins”.

7/ RASBORAS “Ta’ al ya ahi” [Rasboras inc.] / previously unreleased
Once again Rasboras’ fascination for North Africa is revealed here.

8/ PRIMITIVE “Keep on rollin’” [Sall / Neves] / from the 12” BASS002
Marco Neves (Elephant system) & Amadou Sall (Collapse),both coming from the industrial hardcore scene, explore electro dub.

9/ PRIMITIVE remixed by THE ROOTSMAN “Keep on rollin’” [Sall / Neves] / from the 12” BASS002
A collaboration between Primitive and The Rootsman, between french and english new school was bound to happen.

10/ RASBORAS DUB TRIBE remixed by DJINS “Peace & Freedom” [Rasboras inc.] / from the 12” BASS003
A track revisited by the French Sly & Robbie, Phil & Yao. One can recognize their unique touch at first hearing : drum’n’bass as a background.

11/ RASBORAS DUB TRIBE “Peace & Freedom” [Rasboras inc.] / from the 12” BASS003
Rasboras’ original version : a trip thru Oriental landscapes & dub spiritual thought.

12/ THE ROOTSMAN featuring PATRICK IRIE “A Matter of Time” [The Rootsman] / from the 12” BASS001
The sound that gave birth to Hammerbass. During his first gig in Paris The Rootsman played this dub plate with the anglo-jamaïcan singer P. Irie, bringing the evening to a climax. It soon became the very first Hammerbass release.

13/ THE ROOTSMAN featuring PATRICK IRIE “A Matter of Dub” [The Rootsman] / from the 12” BASS001

14/ RASBORAS DUB TRIBE remixed by THE ROOTSMAN “Elevation” [Rasboras inc.] / from the 12” BASS003
This dub is the result of an inevitable collaboration between two oriental music and digital experiments addicts.

15/ DJINS “Fire” [Djins] / previously unreleased
DJINS as usual explore different musical landscapes : dub meets house

16/ The ROOTSMAN meets The RASBORAS “Ras el Hanout” [The Rootsman / Rasboras inc.] / previously unreleased
A week end in Paris, Rasboras & Rootsman face to face in a home studio : that’s live and direct !

ALPHA & OMEGA meet BANGARANG ‘Show me a purpose version’

There is no need to present ALPHA & OMEGA, one of the leaders of the UK new roots scene for fifteen years. Their albums and dubplates are countless and are played in Sound Systems worldwide by international dub addicts.
However this project, co-produced with the french dub collective named BANGARANG (Brain Damage in St Etienne…) and released by french label HAMMERBASS Records will be remembered for a long time.

Here’s the concept, based on the idea of exchange and remix-work :
a selection of various artists were given to remix the same basic material, the voice-track of the singer Nishka from the ALPHA & OMEGA‘s song “Show me a purpose“, issued initialy on their album “Safe in the Ark“. We find here bands or producers as JAH WARRIOR (UK), VIBRONICS (UK), BRAIN DAMAGE (FR), ALIEN APPLAUSE (USA), KOBE (FR)…
At last the masters themselves, ALPHA & OMEGA, deliver four tracks of variations of their original creation, among which 3 were unreleased.

N.I.C. in DUB

Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation (N.I.C), n’est pas un groupe ordinaire. Basé à OSLO en Norvège, N.I.C est une formation internationale regroupant des musiciens chevronnés (Bill Laswell, Killing Jokevenant de tous horizons : rock, dub, punk, jazz, électro…Plus une expérimentation sonore qu’un véritable album de remixes (mix album !)ce projet regroupe des artistes bien connus de la scène underground indus et ambient avec notamment les américains DALEK, SPECTRE, DUB GABRIEL et KING SALMONELLA, le canadien TWILIGHT CIRCUS, les anglais JK Flesh aka Justin BROADRICK (Godflesh, Jesus), YOUTH (Killing Joke) et MOTHBOY, et le français Amadou SALL (Collapse, Treponem Pal).
Un tracklist impressionnant pour un album puissant !

Dub planant, Illbient customisée, électro chaotique, indus destructurée : difficile de faire mieux en matière de dub lourd !

Combat Dub

After the striking release of two 1st cds ‘From Scratch‘ and ‘Bipolar Disorder‘ by Another Sound System Experience and Brain Damage, the collective BANGARANG is back with a remix album ‘Combat Dub‘.

Here we are with ten tracks, individually revised by a selection of top quality remixers of the Dub scene.

Thus some of the creators of the UK ‘new roots’ of those last years (Zion Train, The Disciples, Alpha & Omega) run along the must of the ‘Dub-illbient’ made in Brooklyn (Spectre, The Count of Monte Christo).

The young emerging French DUb scene had to be represented by the most innovative artists (Lab°, General Dub, Kobe, Prime Time Victim Show, Djins).

Also on this album 2 previously unreleased tracks of Brain Damage and Another Sound System Experience, freshly coming from the 7/11 Laboratory.

With a firmly eclectic constitution, ‘Combat Dub‘ seems to assume an homogeneous feature though, thanks to a certain spirit shared by all of them :

Independance and Artistic quality.

DADDY FREDDY meets the Rootsman ‘Old School New School’

DADDY FREDDY, “the original raggamuffin DJ”, the rapper with the fastest flow in the world (506 syllabus per minute, GUINESS BOOK ’88), was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1965. He grew up with the sound systems in Trenchtown , the reggae culture cradle, where he was a JACOB MILLER’ s neighbour. His first recording is done in no one but CLEMENT “COXSONE”DODD’S studio: “Zoo party” on a “Sleng ten” riddim cut. He was then hired by n°1 sound system in Jamaica: SUGAR MINOTT’S YOUTHMAN PROMOTION. There he made his first appearances beside NITTY GRITTY, TENOR SAW and YAMI BOLO. His fast delivery and flow made him one of Jamaica’s most popular DJ’s. He then done a tour in England and he made a great impact on the English public : A style, a voice, a new talent is born. His first single, recorded with the producer HARRY J in combination with THE PINCHERS, becomes n°1. FREDDY had 6 TOP 10 singles in the charts with his 1st album “Body Lasher” only. At the end of the eighties it’s the departure for the USA with NICODEMUS, CUTTY RANKS, SUPERCAT and JOSEY WALES where they go and meet ASHER D and record the legendary album “Raggamuffin hip hop” for MUSIC OF LIFE label. Pioneering the ragga hip hop scene, this album impact will be felt by underground and mainstream audiences. It set the first links between hip hop and reggae scenes. He appeared on American TV with acts such as CYPRESS HILL or HEAVY D. , and recorded a hit single with the soul singer MELISSA MORGAN (“Through the tears”) which topped the American BILLBOARD charts. On one side he works with mainstream artists such as NORMAN COOK, and he also feeds the underground Jamaican scene with singles : “Baba loo baba laba”, “Hypocrites” (a duet with MICHAEL PROPHET), with albums “Raggamuffin soldier” and with dub plates or some other “specials”. He came back after a long break and recorded an album with English New school Dub producer and musician, THE ROOTSMAN. After being an innovator in the 80’s on the ragga hip hop scene, he continues with a new musical adventure. Will he be the innovator of a new ragga dub scene? Surely is “Old school new school” its first foundation stone.

Realms Of The Unseen

Coming from the punk scene, Franck Bolloten aka THE ROOTSMAN he’s an emblem of the news electro-dub UK scene along with Disciples, Alpha & Omega, Zion Train
From 1994, after many experiences with sound systems, he created Third Eye Music, his own label which today has more than ten references. He done a lot of work with Disciples and Muslimgauze (R.I.P.) and remixed artists such as Dub Syndicate, Black Star Liner, Muslimgauze, Treponem Pal, Dub War, Rasboras or Soulfly (ex Sepultura).

‘REALMS OF THE UNSEEN’ is his first album not released on his own label but on Hammerbass. This is also the album he’s the most proud of, after his first album of course ‘In Dub We Trust’ released in 95.

Through the 13 titles of this album, the whole universe of The ROOTSMAN unfolds before our ears and eyes, a journey through electro-dub, punctuated with oriental-ragga, Andalusian-dub, crossbreeded jungle or ethno-reggae.