Baby G

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Talent and simplicity. These two words are enough to define Baby G’s personality. Talent because he is full of it, because his voice is out of the ordinary, recognizable among all. And simplicity : of his person, his lyrics, which send back to the real values of reggae : rebellion,contesting of social and racial disparities, peace and unity between the masses.

Born in the countryside in the city of Shelchers (in the French Carribean island of Martinique), he began singing at the age of 10 in the choir of his Tivoli parish. In the same time, a vocation and voice were born. Teenager he scored the whole sound systems of the island and began to gain a certain reputation. He then recorded a song for a compilation entitled « Dance Hall Party » produced by « Don Miguel » famous figure of the reggae scene in the Carribean islands ; and a single « Children of Africa » on the Hibiscus label.
In 1995, his apprenticeship completed, he went to Jamaica, the great neighboor island, cradle of reggae and of the rasta ideal.
Barely turned up, he rush to « Mixing lab » and met « Fatta Linford Marshall » who then mixed his first album « Hileaf » produced by the carribean crew Hileaf. The Jamaican adventure ended in an artistic disappointment due to his lack of experience in studio and to his excessive fascination for Jamdown.
Whatever, with this experience he went to France and frequented the parisian Sound Systems where he met « Philip & Yao », duet of the « Djins » & « Paris Yard », and the HAMMERBASS / Dub Action crew. They then decided to work together on the realization of an album. He also appeared on the Elephant System album (Island) produced by Adrian Sherwood,
participated to the compilations « Plus de cœur égal soleil » (Barclay) of PK Machine, PierPolJak’s possee, « Assassinat » and « Genesis » of the label Mek it Happen, and recorded for the volume 1 of the « Kaktus records » compilation (Naïve).
Enriched with these various experiences and with dozens of shows with the « Dub Action » Sound System, he just completed his first real album :« h.i.m. ».