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After the striking release of two 1st cds ‘From Scratch‘ and ‘Bipolar Disorder‘ by Another Sound System Experience and Brain Damage, the collective BANGARANG is back with a remix album ‘Combat Dub‘.
Here we are with ten tracks, individually revised by a selection of top quality remixers of the Dub scene.

Thus some of the creators of the UK ‘new roots’ of those last years (Zion Train, The Disciples, Alpha & Omega) run along the must of the ‘Dub-illbient’ made in Brooklyn (Spectre, The Count of Monte Christo).

The young emerging French DUb scene had to be represented by the most innovative artists (Lab°, General Dub, Kobe, Prime Time Victim Show, Djins).

Also on this album 2 previously unreleased tracks of Brain Damage and Another Sound System Experience, freshly coming from the 7/11 Laboratory.

With a firmly eclectic constitution, ‘Combat Dub‘ seems to assume an homogeneous feature though, thanks to a certain spirit shared by all of them :
Independance and Artistic quality.