Botom Botom

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BOTOM BOTOM : onomatopoeia born in a Charlie Schlingo’s comic book, expressing as its tone indicates, the percussive sound of a budgin’ music !

Coming from the Lyon electronic scene, LCX and FYG, the 2 handymen BOTOM BOTOM‘s musicians already released a self-produced EP (‘Testez les 6 sens’) in 1997. Then they got involved in several compilations such as La Dernière Bombe (97), Créature des Abysses (alongside Zenzile, Le Peuple de l’herbe, Rhinocérôse…in 98) and Wreck This Mess (alongside Twilight Circus, Spectre, Dub Factory, DJ Spooky…in 99).

At this time the HAMMERBASS crew spotted them and BOTOM BOTOM was logically invited to the famous DUB ACTION parties in Paris in 2001. The seeds of collaboration between the band and the label were sown.

The same year, they start working with a female singer, Sylvie Russo, and they build their own studio called The Jurassik Studio (a mix of old and new equipment, with few prototypes here and there…)in which they composed and recorded in 2002 their first real album ‘Peace, Unity, Love, Having Fun and Computers’.
HAMMERBASS Records released it in october 2002 and the following months several gigs were set with DUB ACTION. The album got good feedbacks from the media and the promoters. Then one of the track, ‘Reality Show’, appears in the famous compilation I DUB YOU![EMI] as well as in FRENCH DUB SYSTEM VOL.1 [Wagram].

End of 2004 they go back to the Jurassik Studio to build their next album : ‘This is not a stereotype’ which will be released by HAMMERBASS in februray 2006.

BOTOM BOTOM is now 5 people on stage as a bassman (Maurad) and a guitarist (Hakim) join them to share the pleasure of live music.

From dub electro to world music, from trip-hop to reggae, BOTOM BOTOM music gives a fresh new breath to the French scene !!