The End

Junior CONY & Shanti D Order on CD1D

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Né de la rencontre explosive de 2 formations incontournables de la scène dub européenne, le projet <strong>"IMPROVISATORS DUB meets IRATION STEPPAS"</strong> a vu le jour à l'occasion d'une création et un concert unique pour le <strong>Printemps de Bourges</strong>en 2007, fruit de 10 jours mémorables de travail en commun.

Le résultat fut tellement encourageant que les 2 groupes décidèrent de ne pas en rester là…

Au menu : 12 titres ravageurs, taille sound system !

Rythmiques imparables, basses abyssales, effets dévastateurs et chants terriblement efficaces que n'aurait pas renié Prince far I…De quoi faire chauffer les systèmes et les dance floors !

Histoire de boucler la boucle, le super collectif décline ces titres en un live écrasant, percutant, perforant, bref : puissant !
Et après avoir mis tout le monde d'accord lors de la dernière édition du <strong>Telerama Dub Festival</strong> en mai 2008, les 8 dubbers remettent ça avec une série de dates exceptionnelles en France : c'est l'événement dub de cette fin d'année à ne rater sous aucun prétexte!

Inna Steppa Dub

Improvisators dub meets Iration steppas Order on CD1D

This project is actually the 1st part of a serie of remixes he elaborated with other artists using his album 'Foundation Rockers' (end of 2003).
Entitled "Remixed : Dubwise", he brings together the 'roots' tunes and turns on original vocals of well-known singer (featuring in the previous album) : <strong>BIG YOUTH</strong>, <strong>LUCIANO</strong>, <strong>MIKAL ROSE</strong> (<strong>Black Uhuru</strong>), <strong>RANKING JOE</strong>, <strong>BROTHER CULTURE</strong>.

For exceptional vocalists, he needed exceptional remixer !
The artists who showed up are prestigious and well-known by reggae-dub fans.

71 minutes of original sound in the purest Jamaican tradition !

<strong>XLR8R "<strong>Twilight Circus is the top sound....."
<strong>THE WIRE - ".....this is as good as newly created dub gets..." – Steve Barker
<strong>EXCLAIM! - "Moore's songwriting and recording technique remains superior to anyone working in dub today"
<strong>REGGAE VIBES - "One of the most creative and original Dub wizards in the world!"</strong></strong></strong></strong></strong>

Remixed : Dubwise

Twilight circus dub soundsystem Order on CD1D

<div align="justify"><p>Why this compilation ?</p>
<p>Dub Action sound system & Hammerbass label basis but also goal have always been the exchange spirit, a dub speciality (thru dub plates, clashes, remixes), shared by the whole dub network : artists, labels & sound systems. We wanted to thank & pay tribute to those of them who supported us and made it happen ! All tracks are mixed in a sound system style. You will find previously unreleased tracks and also songs extracted from Hammerbass vinyls or CDs. Last but not least, we asked all our dub friends to collaborate to this record by sending little messages to be the links between the tracks.</p>
<p>1/ <strong>RASBORAS DUB TRIBE</strong> “House of Dub” [Rasboras inc.] / previously unreleased<br />
As a composer, Rasboras is the spine of this compilation, mixing & remixing all the tracks like he used to do live.</p>
<p>2/ <strong>DJINS </strong>“Warrior” [Djins] / previously unreleased<br />
An unreleased track taken out from the huge Djins’ repertoire. Djins & Dub Action team being friends for years it naturally led to the release of their first album on Hammerbass.</p>
<p>3/ <strong>THE ROOTSMAN</strong> “Imitator” [The Rootsman] / from the album “Realms of the Unseen” BASSCD001<br />
Rootsman is likely the stepping stone for Dub Action / Hammerbass. First artist to be invited to the Dub Action parties, first 12” vinyl, then first CD album on Hammerbass.</p>
<p>4/ <strong>DADDY FREDDY</strong> “Imitator” [The Rootsman / Daddy Freddy] / from the album DADDY FREDDY meets THE ROOTSMAN “Old School New School” BASSCD002<br />
Another Rootsman’s production, this time with the legendary & genuine DADDY FREDDY, the man with the fastest flow in the world, inventor, with his friend Asher D., of the Ragga Hip Hop.</p>
<p>5/ <strong>DUB WISER</strong> remixed by THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO “Fire” [Mulat / Luzardi] / previously unreleased<br />
Another meeting thru DUB ACTION between JP Sluys aka the Count of Monte Cristo from Brooklyn (Qaballah Steppers, Baraka Foundation) & parisian dub duet DUB WISER.</p>
<p>6/ <strong>DUB WISER</strong> “Sensi Drinka” [Mulat / Luzardi] / from the 12” BASS004<br />
Luz used to play in the late 80’s in a band called Ausweis. Together with the french singer PUPPA LESLIE, on their last album,“Dub Action” (!), they initiated french Rub A Dub. A decade later, he meets Rico, and “the urban crossover adventure begins”.</p>
<p>7/ <strong>RASBORAS</strong> “Ta’ al ya ahi” [Rasboras inc.] / previously unreleased<br />
Once again Rasboras’ fascination for North Africa is revealed here.</p>
<p>8/ <strong>PRIMITIVE</strong> “Keep on rollin’” [Sall / Neves] / from the 12” BASS002<br />
Marco Neves (Elephant system) & Amadou Sall (Collapse),both coming from the industrial hardcore scene, explore electro dub.</p>
<p>9/ <strong>PRIMITIVE</strong> remixed by THE ROOTSMAN “Keep on rollin’” [Sall / Neves] / from the 12” BASS002<br />
A collaboration between Primitive and The Rootsman, between french and english new school was bound to happen.</p>
<p>10/ <strong>RASBORAS DUB TRIBE</strong> remixed by DJINS “Peace & Freedom” [Rasboras inc.] / from the 12” BASS003<br />
A track revisited by the French Sly & Robbie, Phil & Yao. One can recognize their unique touch at first hearing : drum’n’bass as a background.</p>
<p>11/ <strong>RASBORAS DUB TRIBE</strong> “Peace & Freedom” [Rasboras inc.] / from the 12” BASS003<br />
Rasboras’ original version : a trip thru Oriental landscapes & dub spiritual thought.</p>
<p>12/ <strong>THE ROOTSMAN</strong> featuring PATRICK IRIE “A Matter of Time” [The Rootsman] / from the 12” BASS001<br />
The sound that gave birth to Hammerbass. During his first gig in Paris The Rootsman played this dub plate with the anglo-jamaïcan singer P. Irie, bringing the evening to a climax. It soon became the very first Hammerbass release.</p>
<p>13/ <strong>THE ROOTSMAN</strong> featuring PATRICK IRIE “A Matter of Dub” [The Rootsman] / from the 12” BASS001<br />
<p>14/ <strong>RASBORAS DUB TRIBE</strong> remixed by THE ROOTSMAN “Elevation” [Rasboras inc.] / from the 12” BASS003<br />
This dub is the result of an inevitable collaboration between two oriental music and digital experiments addicts.</p>
<p>15/ <strong>DJINS</strong> “Fire” [Djins] / previously unreleased<br />
DJINS as usual explore different musical landscapes : dub meets house</p>
<p>16/ <strong>The ROOTSMAN meets The RASBORAS</strong> “Ras el Hanout” [The Rootsman / Rasboras inc.] / previously unreleased<br />
A week end in Paris, Rasboras & Rootsman face to face in a home studio : that’s live and direct !</div>

Dub Action Captures Hammerbass

Dub Action Captures Hammerbass Order on CD1D

<div align="justify"><strong>Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation (N.I.C)</strong>, n’est pas un groupe ordinaire. Basé à OSLO en Norvège, <strong>N.I.C</strong> est une formation internationale regroupant des musiciens chevronnés (<strong>Bill Laswell, Killing Joke</strong>venant de tous horizons : rock, dub, punk, jazz, électro...Plus une expérimentation sonore qu’un véritable album de remixes (mix album !)ce projet regroupe des artistes bien connus de la scène underground indus et ambient avec notamment les américains <strong>DALEK, SPECTRE, DUB GABRIEL</strong> et <strong>KING SALMONELLA</strong>, le canadien <strong>TWILIGHT CIRCUS</strong>, les anglais <strong>JK Flesh aka Justin BROADRICK </strong>(<strong>Godflesh, Jesus</strong>), <strong>YOUTH</strong> (Killing Joke) et MOTHBOY, et le français Amadou SALL (Collapse, Treponem Pal).
Un tracklist impressionnant pour un album puissant !

Dub planant, Illbient customisée, électro chaotique, indus destructurée : difficile de faire mieux en matière de dub lourd !


N.I.C. in DUB

Necessary intergalactic cooperation Order on CD1D