Bangarang / Combat Dub 2

  • THE DISCIPLES Brain booster remix #2
  • ZION TRAIN Logical progression #3
  • LAB° Hospital, come in ! #4
  • ALPHA & OMEGA East of dub #6
  • DJINS Progession vers Sion #7
  • GENERAL DUB (Nitrben vs Akbar) Dehli pressure #8
  • SPECTRE #9
  • Brain damage (remix and jinxed) #10
  • PRIME TIME VICTIM SHOW Deep bang in dub #11
  • THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO Initial data (East bay root version) #12
  • KOBE Conehead dub remix #13

It is not very well known that Brain Damage, was a dub radio show even before being a band. this radio show is still existing, every week on Radio-dio 89,5 mhz St-Etienne and on the web. For seven years the principle has been the same: an hour of pure mix, linking the jamaican influences to the avant garde dub productions. Combat Dub II was based on the same idea: and if there is an opposition between roots dub and its modern: futuristic, harsher, version, this selection is meant to reunite each side.
Each title of this selection is each title is a remix of a Brain Damage song, from their debut album “Always greener (on the other side)” (except the 2 un released tracks opening and finishing the record).
Like for Combat Dub I a large number of remixers are from abroad, at a time where the French dub scene explodes. Bangarang wants to stress its difference but still respects a lot this recent and talented scene. This is also to claim that dub is international, and has to keep evolving to avoid oblivior.

Track list :

Brain Damage (F): “Major crisis” : unreleased
Vibronics (Uk) : remixed from “On the other side”
Alpha & Omega (Uk) : remixed from “Spirit world”
Manutension (F): remixed from “Genetic weapon”
Sam “Kronik” Clayton (Jam) : remixed from “Just suddenly peaceful”
Mossman (Can) : remixed from “Vanishing point”
Alter Echo (Usa): remixed from “Pre war psychosis”
Rasboras (F) : remixed from “Doom’s day machine”
Fedayi Pacha (F) : remixed from “Just suddenly painful”
Kobe (F): remixed from “Les petits yeux métalliques”
Scorn (Uk): remixed from “A little walk to nowhere”
Brain Damage (F): “Armistice” unreleased

Vibronics (Uk):
One of the most remarkable project from the UK label, Universal Egg, close from Zion Train. Vibronic sound is mercyless and massive. Sound system feel guaranted.

Alpha & Omega (Uk):
What can we say? Respected worldwide, as much for their work as for their longevity, this 2 pieces presents Bangarang with a third collaboration. With more than 20 albums Alpha & Omega layed great part of the foundations of UK Novo Dub. Obviously a reference.

Manutension (F):
Unforgettable and uncontrolled member of Improvisator’s Dub, precursor of dub in France, Manutension seems to live only for the sound and its vibes. One of the most engaging and talented guy from the dub scene.

Sam “Kronik” Clayton (Jam):
Son of Sam Clayton, the key part of the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, the most respected Jamaican legend, Sam quickly made his own reputation. Living in France since a short time, he’s demanded very often as much for his great talent as a sound engineer (Skatelites, D. Dekker) as for the quality of his own productions.

Mossman (Can): Remember the craziness of Lee Perry’s productions during th 70’s? Years later Mossman was infected by the disease, amazing.

Alter Echo (Usa):
Founder member of the exciting west coast label BSI, Josh Demy leads his project, Alter Echo, in a masterly manner. Between industrial hip- hop and ambient- dub, he recently worked with DJ Spooky and remixed Lee Perry.

Rasboras (F):
Also known as the scientist of the Paris collective Dub Action/Hammerbass, Rasboras belongs to the kind of artist whose productions are awaited like the rain during a heatwave. Perfectionist but discreet, a rumor says he would be secretly working on an album.

Fedayi Pacha (F) :
A brand new project from the Bangarang collective, by a former member of Another Sound System Experience (RIP). Beware this producer is brainy, nothing is left to chance, everything is anticipated… And the result is powerful !

Kobe (F):
Keyboard player during the 80’s in the band Babylon Fighters, massive influence of the nowadays french dub scene, Kobe is now well known as a live sound engineer for Brain Damage as with his Loaded Studio in St Etienne. Enjoy, the man scarcely put out his personal productions !

Scorn (Uk):
Mick Harris solo project, an artist as brilliant as he is atypical. Impressive resumé: drummer in Napalm Death, several records with Bill Laswell, John Zorn amid others. Here, hip- hop- dub- ambient reaches its limits, no way to go further !

Brain Damage:
Host of this records, the band opens and closes this selection with two unreleased tracks.