The rootsman / DADDY FREDDY meets the Rootsman ‘Old School New School’

  • Keepin A Session #1
  • No Carbon #2
  • Back Pon Dem Case #3
  • Worldwide Pollution #4
  • The Snake The Rat #5
  • God Come First #6
  • Imitator #7
  • Wa Do Dem #8
  • Where Were You #9
  • Hot Gal Only #10
  • Fatal Attraction #11
  • Hearthen #12
  • Back Pon Dem Case (remix by Strongpoint) #13
  • Wa Do Dem (remix by Nigel Parker) #14
  • Hearthen (remix by Strongpoint) #15

DADDY FREDDY, “the original raggamuffin DJ”, the rapper with the fastest flow in the world (506 syllabus per minute, GUINESS BOOK ’88), was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1965. He grew up with the sound systems in Trenchtown , the reggae culture cradle, where he was a JACOB MILLER’ s neighbour. His first recording is done in no one but CLEMENT “COXSONE”DODD’S studio: “Zoo party” on a “Sleng ten” riddim cut. He was then hired by n°1 sound system in Jamaica: SUGAR MINOTT’S YOUTHMAN PROMOTION. There he made his first appearances beside NITTY GRITTY, TENOR SAW and YAMI BOLO. His fast delivery and flow made him one of Jamaica’s most popular DJ’s. He then done a tour in England and he made a great impact on the English public : A style, a voice, a new talent is born. His first single, recorded with the producer HARRY J in combination with THE PINCHERS, becomes n°1. FREDDY had 6 TOP 10 singles in the charts with his 1st album “Body Lasher” only. At the end of the eighties it’s the departure for the USA with NICODEMUS, CUTTY RANKS, SUPERCAT and JOSEY WALES where they go and meet ASHER D and record the legendary album “Raggamuffin hip hop” for MUSIC OF LIFE label. Pioneering the ragga hip hop scene, this album impact will be felt by underground and mainstream audiences. It set the first links between hip hop and reggae scenes. He appeared on American TV with acts such as CYPRESS HILL or HEAVY D. , and recorded a hit single with the soul singer MELISSA MORGAN (“Through the tears”) which topped the American BILLBOARD charts. On one side he works with mainstream artists such as NORMAN COOK, and he also feeds the underground Jamaican scene with singles : “Baba loo baba laba”, “Hypocrites” (a duet with MICHAEL PROPHET), with albums “Raggamuffin soldier” and with dub plates or some other “specials”. He came back after a long break and recorded an album with English New school Dub producer and musician, THE ROOTSMAN. After being an innovator in the 80’s on the ragga hip hop scene, he continues with a new musical adventure. Will he be the innovator of a new ragga dub scene? Surely is “Old school new school” its first foundation stone.