Manasseh / Dub Plate Style 1990-1999

  • Clash Version #1
  • Clash version PT.2 #2
  • Creation #3
  • Creation Dub #4
  • Rise Up (With Johnny Osbourne) #5
  • Rise Up Dub (With Johnny Osbourne) #6
  • Skenga (With Natty P) #7
  • Masaï Get A Bly (With Natty P) #8
  • Mind The Gap Version #9
  • Jungle Trees Dub #10
  • Pharoah's Dub #11
  • Good Stepping #12
  • Stepping PT.2 #13
  • Natural Roots Orig. (With Earl 16) #14
  • Natural Roots Sound (With Earl 16) #15
  • Natural Dub (With Earl 16) #16
  • Planet Humanity (With Ras I) #17
  • Humanity Dub (With Ras I) #18
  • Walking On Tightrope (With Orville Smith) #19
  • Tightrope Version (With Orville Smith) #20

” It was in January 2000 , the day after a great dance at the Batofar, that Trispa and Marco from Dub Action were listening through to some Manasseh dub plates with me and Oxman and making up a CD for themselves. It was about six months later that Trispa contacted me to say that they wanted to release this commercially . Although I was initially unsure about this , I realized that some of this music would just stay on dub plate, some of the alternative mixes would never be heard at all, so where was the downside ? Anyway, Manasseh has enough other exclusives that Dub Action haven’t even checked as yet !

These dubs are a selection of Manasseh productions which date from around 1990 to 1999 and showcase the history of the sound and its music. This period was the time of the UK roots revival and tracks like Earl 16 ‘s Natural Roots really opened up the scene and showed that serious Jamaican artists were into working with us. Some of the dubs though, are just pure rough sound system business. Sometimes, if there was a ig dance coming up, we would do some new rythms just for the dance, go and cut them on dub at Music House or Jah Tubby’s , and run them in the dance the same night… so if you can hear any of the mistakes in the bassline of Good Stepping Pts 1&2 then that’s why !

Dub Plate Style Vol. 1 was actually recorded from the original dubs, but for the commercial CD we went back to the original mix tapes as some of the dubs were a bit mashed up… I hope you enjoy this trip through the Manasseh dub box , please be careful of your speakers !

Love … ”