Fedayi Pacha

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Member of the French dub collective BANGARANG, FEDAYI PACHA appeared in 2003 when the project ANOTHER SOUND SYSTEM EXPERIENCE (A.S.S.E.) ended, shortly after a master piece EP released in 99 : ‘From Scratch’.

Faithfull to the Saint-Etienne-based crew, Fedayi Pacha also belongs to the electro-dub trend, but with an obvious attraction for the crossover between technology and much more oriental flavours.

Far from confining himself to his Armenian roots, he uses the whole Middle-East (Palestine, Egypt…) as a sound frame all along the 9 tracks of the album.
We think about Bill Laswell, Bally Sagoo or Black Star Liner…Rhythm are haunting, almost hypnotic and for sure basslines are present.

Likewise the Orientalists, he uses the theme only as an excuse to renew the approach : Fedayi Pacha sets himself free from the Jamaican roots of dub music by spicing it differently.

Thanks to a mobile studio, each live act is an opportunity to rebuild the music through the mixing board and sound effects, combining sound textures, jumping from brand new high-tech equipment to out-of-date technology rejects, through dudug and melodica through sampler and other sirens.

After a 1st serie of gigs (amongst them 2003 Larzac Festival, Avatarium fest,Batofar, alongside Brain Damage, Ez3kiel, Lena, Aba Shanti, General Dub, Radio Bomb, Double Nelson, Techno Animals, Duberman) and several appearances on different compilations (‘Combat Dub 2‘ for a remix of Brain Damage, ‘I Dub You!‘,French dub System‘…), FEDAYI PACHA was back on stage for about fifteen nights, including a memorable party at the Batofar in Paris, for the warm-up of Zenzile sound System.

Next album to be released for spring 2007 !