Jah warrior / JAH WARRIOR & Friends

  • Jah Warrior Inna Yu Area (feat. Hughie Izachaar #1
  • Jah Is My Strength (feat. U Brown #2
  • Wash That Dub (feat. Horace Andy) #3
  • Rasta Dub (feat. Rod Taylor) #4
  • Flying Chariots Dub (feat. Tena Stelin) #5
  • Jah Golden Throne Dubwise (feat. Peter Broggs) #6
  • Dub Pon A Bench (feat. Winston McAnuff) #7
  • How Life Stay So (feat. Singer Blue) #8
  • Nuh Eat From Morning (feat. Joseph Cotton) #9
  • Jah Is My Light Dub (feat. U Brown) #10
  • I Hear A Dub (feat. Prince Alla) #11
  • Cashless Society Dubwise (feat. Tena Stelin) #12
  • Special Dub #13
  • The Greatest Sound #14
  • Soundbwoy #15
  • The Great Warrior #16
  • How Life Stay So Dubwise #17
  • Monumental Dub #18
  • Nuh Dub From Morning (feat. Joseph Cotton) #19

Escaped from the earliest punky reggae parties in the late 70’s, Steve mosco aka JAH WARRIOR is an emblematic actor of the UK reggae-dub scene since 15 years now. He started as a sound system selector in the 80’s, sharing the headlines with JAH SHAKA, ABA SHANTI, JAH OBSERVERor MANASSEH. Mainly influenced by the JAH SHAKA Sound (the dub pioneer in UK), JAH WARRIOR loves deep bass lines and devastating echoes in a pure Sound System Style. In 1995, after many years going from parties to parties all over England, he decided to devote to production and creates the label JAH WARRIOR Records. He released notably the DILLINGER, U BROWN, ROD TAYLOR and PRINCE ALLA lasts albums.

With this new delivery exclusively released by French label HAMMERBASS Records, JAH WARRIOR presents us crucial and unreleased dub-plates elaborated in the famous « Conscious Sounds studio » in London and featuring an all star connection of jamaican singers : HORACE ANDY, U BROWN, ROD TAYLOR, TENA STELIN, WINSTON MC ANUFF, PRINCE ALLA, JOSEPH COTTON, PETER BROGGS, SINGER BLUE, HUGHIE IZACHAAR.