The rootsman / New Testament

  • Faith (feat. Dayjah) #1
  • Thinking Back in Time (feat. Sandeeno) #2
  • Rocky Road (feat. Cudjoe Banton) #3
  • Shelter From The Storm (feat. Earl Sixteen) #4
  • Earth Rightful Ruler (feat. Fowlie Don) #5
  • Walk and Talk (feat. U Brown) #6
  • Live Forever (feat. Daddy Freddy) #7
  • Let's be Friends (feat. Determine) #8
  • Higher Place (feat. Mike Brooks) #9
  • Joy and Sorrow feat. Jah Mason) #10
  • Sort me Out (feat. Winston McAnuff) #11
  • Action Alone (feat. Bongo Chilli) #12
  • Love (feat. Bobby Blue) #13

With this album entitled NEW TESTAMENT, THE ROOTSMAN has reached a new step in his musical quest. Not as instrumental as his previous productions, the 13 tracks of NEW TESTAMENT are offering us a vocal number of various unstoppable Jamaican artists. He has appealed to first class singers and Djs who have pitched their voices in the THIRD EYE STUDIO in 2001: Prime singers such as DADDY FREDDY, U-BROWN, EARL 16 or MIKE BROOKS, famous Djs like JAH MASON, DETERMINE, SANDEENO et BOBBY BLUE or promising youngs as CUDJOE BANTON, BONGO CHILLI , FOWLIE DON, WINSTON MC ANUFF and the delightfull British DAYJAH.

NEW TESTAMENT will charm all Ragga / Hip Hop and of course Dub lovers, as well as all of those who already embarked upon THE ROOTSMAN’s original universe.

On the occasion of the album release, THE ROOTSMAN toured across France in 2002 with BONGO CHILLI.