Primitive is a duet formed by Marco and Amadou.
Marco‘s the singer / agitator of TREPONEM PAL which, since 1986, blows away every single “Rock” fences : after having delivered the world its metal-indus fury, the band covers the tracks by blending hard core, ragge, dub, funk…
He’s also one of the 2 DJ’s of the collective DUB ACTION.

Amadou‘s is the singer of COLLAPSE, a rock band with industrial, metal, electronic and ethnical influences. He also produced albums for the Têtines Noires, Colm and Cape Fear.

The 2 musiciens knwo each other quite well and from their collaboration will come a heavy urban dub, boiling hot & freezing cold, intense and raw.

Heavy because the beat is destructive and the bass ultra-powerful.

Dub because the influence of reggae remains and the sound of the equipment is unique.