The rootsman / Realms Of The Unseen

  • Intro (Featuring Birdman) #1
  • We Come Rough #2
  • Exodus #3
  • To The Foundation #4
  • Imitator #5
  • Murder On The #6
  • Orient Express #7
  • Dub Oriental (Featuring Johnny Lone) #8
  • Kouyate #9
  • Born Bad #10
  • Berber Bashment #11
  • Beyond The Hills #12
  • Out There #13

Coming from the punk scene, Franck Bolloten aka THE ROOTSMAN he’s an emblem of the news electro-dub UK scene along with Disciples, Alpha & Omega, Zion Train
From 1994, after many experiences with sound systems, he created Third Eye Music, his own label which today has more than ten references. He done a lot of work with Disciples and Muslimgauze (R.I.P.) and remixed artists such as Dub Syndicate, Black Star Liner, Muslimgauze, Treponem Pal, Dub War, Rasboras or Soulfly (ex Sepultura).

‘REALMS OF THE UNSEEN’ is his first album not released on his own label but on Hammerbass. This is also the album he’s the most proud of, after his first album of course ‘In Dub We Trust’ released in 95.

Through the 13 titles of this album, the whole universe of The ROOTSMAN unfolds before our ears and eyes, a journey through electro-dub, punctuated with oriental-ragga, Andalusian-dub, crossbreeded jungle or ethno-reggae.