The rootsman

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John Bolloten aka THE ROOTSMAN is one of the English electro-dub wave leaders along with Manasseh, Alpha & Omega, Zion Train or Dreadzone.
He first underwent basic training by selecting titles in roots-reggae sound systems and by being guest for pirate radio stations.
A few years later, he then organized his own party called ‘Dub me crazy’, which quickly acted as a reference. At this time he began to play along with artists such as Alex Paterson (The Orb) or Andy Weatherall (Sabres Of Paradise). While beginning creating his own bits, THE ROOTSMAN decided to create his own label and studio, THIRD EYE, and released the first DAYJAH & The DISCIPLES in 1993 before releasing several albums (among which featured the mythical ‘IN DUB WE TRUST’ in 1996).

His distinguished and crossbreeded music is a combination of several musical and cultural influences arising from Jamaica to the Middle-Eastthrough the North of England where he grew up.

With now more than ten albums released, THE ROOTSMAN has multiplied collaborations, and has remixed artists as varied as DUB SYNDICATE, BLACK STAR LINER, MUSLIMGAUZE (rip), TREPONEM PAL, DUB WAR, RASBORAS or SOULFLY.

The meeting with the french crew HAMMERBASS / DUB ACTION occured in 1997 in Paris on the occasion of a noteworthy party. Then was released at the end of the EP vynil ‘A matter Of Time’ (BASS001 – Out of stock!) – which framed the founder element of the HAMMERBASS label. The collaboration spread out with the releases of the album ‘REALMS OF THE UNSEEN’ in 1999 (BASSCD001), of the ‘split album’ with Jamaican toaster DADDY FREDDY in 2000 (BASSCD002) and the remixes album ‘ROOTS BLOODY ROOTSMAN’ (BASSCD007) in 2001.