Botom Botom / This not a stereotype

  • Something divine #1
  • It's your life #2
  • I'm alive #3
  • My heroes #4
  • Le toit du monde #5
  • Show me the vibes #6
  • Mister B #7
  • For your rights #8
  • Le bien / Le mal #9
  • The same history #10
  • Super Sonic #11
  • You can't say goodbye #12
  • Reality show (remix) #13

After their first album released in 2002 ‘Peace, Unity, Love, Having Fun and Computers‘ and several appearances in the famous dub compilations (I DUB YOU [EMI], FRENCH DUB SYSTEM [Wagram]), the Frenchies come back with their 2nd opus entitled ‘This is not a stereotype‘.

Of course these 13 tracks still express the core of the band: an explosive mix of electro-dub, trip-hop, groovy rhythms, entrancing and surprising melodies. But this time, the voluptuous voice of the singer (unfortunately less frequent in the 1st album) is omnipresent and arrangements are much more oriental.

Included the astonishing remix of ‘Reality Show‘ from the 1st album.

A record undoubtedly sensuous and punchy !