Twilight circus dub soundsystem


Composer, DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist, ex-member of the off-its-trolley-band Legendary Pink Dots, the Canadian Ryan Moore is the man of TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYSTEM.
With already 14 albums on his side (the first was released in 95), many EP taken from Cds, and 3 album in collaboration with GROOVE CORPORATION, DJ SPOOKY and ROB SMITH, the TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYTEM became over the year one of the most prolific actors and his work cannot be overlooked !

Dub addict sinc he was a teenager, he builds his first studio in Canada in the mid 80′s before he moves to Netherlands in 91 where he will rebuild his studio and found his own record label : M.Records.

With more than 100 gigs worldwide and many memorable nights with DUB ACTION, Twilight Circus Dub SoundSystem will be back in France for a gig in Paris for the Telerama Dub Festival.